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Electronics Cooling Solutions

World Leader in Electronics Cooling Hardware and Software

Mentor Graphics is the clear market and technology leader of thermal analysis software for the electronics industry. It has led the market with thermal simulation and analysis solutions for over a decade and has developed the largest installed base of any thermal design tool provider.

Using Mentor Graphics Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, engineers can efficiently predict airflow and heat transfer in and around electronic devices, which run at faster speeds and dissipate more power with every new generation.

Engineering Challenges

One of the primary issues with electronics cooling is airflow optimization – how to ensure the devices receive the right amount of natural or forced ventilation delivered and in the most effective way possible. CFD can help you to not only visualize the flow but also optimize it. More

Accurate temperature prediction is essential to meet internal design rules yet avoid costly overdesign. Vendors specify maximum temperature limits, making accurate prediction essential for warranty compliance. More

Thermal management is a vital aspect of package design. Mentor Graphics’ thermal design software ensures correct package performance, confirmed by measurement hardware that characterizes active die across all package families including system-in-package, stacked-die and MCMs. More

The performance, reliability and life expectancy of electronic equipment are all strongly influenced by component temperature. Design the best heatsink solution to enhance heat dissipation from your hottest components with the help of thermal simulation. More

Power consumption at board-level is increasing, forcing the use of heatsinks. However, heatsinks added in late design can have a disastrous effect on downstream components in the wake of the heatsink; thus resulting in multiple board respins. Reduce PCB respin by using thermal design software. More

Using “guesstimates” to choose suitable fans may result in over-engineering or worse yet in selecting a fan which doesn’t provide enough cooling air. Select the best fan for the job by understanding which fan best matches your system pressure drop curve. More

Electronics Cooling Tools

In use by 75 of the top 100 electronics companies in the world, FloTHERM® is a powerful 3D computational fluid dynamics software that predicts airflow and heat transfer in and around electronic equipment,... FloTHERM®

FloTHERM XT is an industry unique thermal simulation solution designed to be used during all stages of the electronics design process – from conceptual design to manufacturing, improving product quality,... FloTHERM® XT

FloTHERM PCB is a radical new collaboration tool for product marketing, electrical and mechanical engineers that accelerates the conceptual thermal design of printed-circuit boards. FloTHERM® PCB

A unique Web-based solution, FloTHERM PACK is designed to generate reliable, accurate thermal models of IC components, test boards, standard test harnesses and other associated parts with the minimum of... FloTHERM® PACK

FloTHERM® IC is a web-based tool from Mentor Graphics that incorporates a high level of automation for key tasks related to semiconductor thermal characterization and design. FloTHERM® IC

Embedded into major MCAD systems Concurrent CFD software FloEFD is a full-featured 3D fluid flow and heat transfer analysis package to help Design Engineers optimize product design and speed up their workflow.... FloEFD™

FloVENT® is a powerful Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software that predicts 3D airflow, heat transfer, contamination distribution and comfort indices in and around buildings of all types and sizes;... FloVENT®

MicReD’s flagship product, T3Ster®, is an advanced transient temperature measurement system which enables rapid and extremely accurate thermal characterization of semiconductor device packages... T3Ster

T3Ster® TeraLED® is a specialist solution for obtaining highly accurate measurements for power LEDs. It offers combined thermal and radiometric/photometric characterization of high-power LEDs, either in... T3Ster TeraLED

Award-winning Software

Mentor Graphics Concurrent CFD analysis software FloTHERM, wins 2010 EDN award for Best Product. Read more


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