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Package Thermal Design and Characterization

Accurate and Repeatable Thermal Characterization from the Leader in Thermal Testing of Semiconductor Devices

OSRAM PartnerThermal characterization can be used to improve package designs, validate package thermal models and debug manufacturing problems.

Mentor’s hardware solutions cover the entire spectrum of chip packaging solutions, including stacked package and stacked die, System-in-Package (SiP), multi-chip modules (MCMs) and power-LEDs with an accuracy of just 0.01ºC. Measurements are made on active die, enabling in-line testing of products from pilot lines or full-scale manufacturing.

Add-on hardware provides full photometric and radiometric characterization of solid-state lighting products providing a complete characterization of power LEDs.

Package Thermal Design and Characterization Benefits

  • Obtain extremely accurate temperature measurements -- micro-second resolution in time
  • Verify model geometry and material properties easily
  • Conduct accurate, noise-free and non-destructive package analysis
  • Study part performance in-situ within the application environment
  • Verify thermal interface material resistance values using sophisticated structure function analysis of the temperature-time response

Thermal Overview

Success Story

Imbera Electronics

FloTHERM and T3Ster Help Imbera Develop New Integrated Module Board (IMB) Technology

Imbera Electronics Oy has developed a novel Integrated Module Board (IMB) technology which integrates active components into electronic modules and high density printed circuit boards. IMB process combines... View Success Story

Application Examples

Customer success: IBM

“To reliably measure the interface resistance we needed a transient measuring method. We chose the T3Ster because of its compactness and ease of use, allowing us to improve data acquisition and processing of the transient thermal data.

“We were able to improve the accuracy of TIM measurements and measure the contribution of the different components – the heater chip, thermal interface, cooling cap, second interface and heatsink.”

Dr. Bruno Michel, Advanced Thermal Packaging Manager IBM Zurich Research Laboratory

Customer success: OSRAM

“As LEDs become more powerful, more attention should be paid to thermal management, which is essential to ensure stable LED performance and long lifetime. This is why OSRAM is devoting considerable attention to thermal design.

“T3Ster’s accuracy and repeatability enable us to verify our thermal designs and confirm the stability and reliability of our products. By testing in bulk we get increased statistical confidence in the measurement results.

“The structure functions built into the T3Ster software are extremely powerful for identifying different thermal attach issues during our extensive reliability testing.”

Dr. Thomas Zahner, Quality Manager, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH

Customer success: NXP

“In our lab today the T3Ster is mainly used to measure the thermal resistance of our packages in customer-specific environments. Thanks to the T3Ster, these measurements are very quick and easy to perform. With the help of the T3Ster-Master software we are not only able to give customers strong confidence that our compact thermal models are correct, but also give them insights into how the heat can be dissipated to the environment and the impact of possible faults that may occur during board assembly. "

"Furthermore, for determining the properties of SOI materials, we also measure special test chips with T3Ster, yielding reliable data for thermal simulations of our own SOI chips. T3Ster is a highly versatile piece of equipment. I am sure that we will find other application areas in the near future.”

Sir John H.J. Janssen, Manager Virtual Prototyping,Senior Principal, NXP-Semiconductors, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Clockwise, from top left: (1) The temperature distribution of the cross-section of the BGA type IMB module (8x8 mm2 module with 4x4mm2 IC) mounted on the JEDEC test PCB. Modeled with FLOTHERM. (2) The BGA type IMB module (8x8 mm2 module with 4x4mm2 thermal test chip) mounted on the JEDEC thermal test board. (3) IMB modules (ICs embedded in PCB) in panel. (4) The temperature distribution of the mother board structure (4x4 mm2 IC embedded in PCB (101,5 mm x 114,5 mm)). Modeled with FLOTHERM.

Customer success: Imbera

"When working with new technology, modern structures and materials, and customer projects in different application areas, the need to define thermal requirements quickly is a necessity."

"Our typical product is composed of a substrate (mother board or module) in which ICs are embedded. Adequate thermal enhancement must be determined in the early design phase.

"Using FloTHERM as part of the design process is a good solution for us. Many of our customers have the same software, so the exchange of models is straightforward.

“Our evaluation showed that FloTHERM and FloTHERM PCB thermal simulation software can save time in modeling while integrating the design process to a higher degree than other tools.”

Tanja Karila, Thermal Specialist

Package Thermal Characterization Solutions

MicReD’s flagship product, T3Ster®, is an advanced transient temperature measurement system which enables rapid and extremely accurate thermal characterization of semiconductor device packages... T3Ster

T3Ster® TeraLED® is a specialist solution for obtaining highly accurate measurements for power LEDs. It offers combined thermal and radiometric/photometric characterization of high-power LEDs, either in... T3Ster TeraLED

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