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Engineering Edge

Current Issue

Welcome to this special edition of Engineering Edge! Volume 2, Issue 3 sees FloTHERM™ celebrate 25 years of electronics cooling with a special supplement, Electronics Thermal Simulation & Test: Past, Present & Future.

There is also a wealth of customer application stories led by our cover story from Toyota in Japan where Hisao Nishimori summarizes how thermal characterization is being integrated into their innovative Hybrid Car Inverter Power Module development process to speed up product and delivery efforts. There's a fascinating article on how Philips in the Netherlands develop modern big-screen TVs with LED back lighting, the design of a World Water Speed Record boat as well as all our regular features.

In This Issue

  • Hybrid Innovation by Toyota
    Thermal Characterization in Automotive Hybrid Inverter Power Modules
  • Philips TVs make LEDs Dance
    LEDs Transform the Picture
  • Voxdale & Bernico International
    Breaking World Water Speed Records
  • FloEFD 13 Released

Special Supplement

25 Years of Electronics Cooling

FloTHERM™ Celebrates 25 years of Electronics Cooling

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Engineering Edge

Curtiss-Wright & FloTHERM™: From COTS to Custom Deployment

At Curtiss-Wright rely completely on engineering experience and thermal simulation to meet our requirements. FloTHERM® allows us to iterate multiple scenarios to optimize our systems for not only thermal performance, but also weight reduction, noise reduction, cost and schedule. More

Divide and Conquer

Fans, Computer Room Air Handlers (CRAH), and chillers, consume 35%-45% of the total power budget. A big concern for datacenter operators is reducing energy bills and one approach is to improve cooling efficiency. More

FloEFD for simulation of external aerodynamics

FloEFD™ has been successfully used to simulate external aerodynamics in various studies, ranging from aerofoils to whole aircraft modeling, for physically feasible range of Reynolds numbers including subsonic, transonic and supersonic cases. More

Geek Hub

Our team are passionate about all things CFD and love sharing their findings. In this issue, Product Marketing Manager and prolific blogger, Robin Bornoff describes how to bake a games console in an oven! More

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

A major new area for Eurotecnica is the storage of energy generated from solar power; an obvious characteristic of solar energy is that it is only available during daylight, which leads to a storage requirement more efficient than simply up-scaling standard battery technology. More

Volume 2, Issue 3

Six steps for successful FloTHERM studies

Carefully planning and conducting a FloTHERM study is of utmost importance to the design process More

Turbine Vane Cooling with FloEFD

To eliminate the possibility of premature failure, designers must predict the local values of heat transfer coefficient and metal temperature as accurately as possible More

Volume 2, Issue 2

Engineering Edge

A Tablet for Everything

FloTHERM XT, FloTHERM, TeSter cure thermal headaches in tablet computers. More

Andras Poppe Interview

The prestigious Harvey Rosten Award For Excellence was won by Andras Poppe, Mentor Graphics' Product Marketing Manager for MicReD® (Microelectronics Research and Development) group and faculty member at the Budapest University of Technology, Department of Electronic Devices. More

Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Microgravity Cow Bones

Design an experimental capsule environment to assess the effects of bone density in space. More

DENSO: State of the Art in Automotive Thermal Design

ECUs for vehicles and their components are becoming more complicated and intricate to produce energy-efficient and environmentally friendly cars. Successful thermal design is critical for manufacturers. More

Hot Lumens of Street Lighting LEDs

How physical testing and CFD analysis helped develop new LED-based street lighting luminaires. More

Volume 2, Issue 1

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