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Engineering Edge Volume 2, Issue 3

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Curtiss-Wright & FloTHERM™: From COTS to Custom Deployment

At Curtiss-Wright rely completely on engineering experience and thermal simulation to meet our requirements. FloTHERM® allows us to iterate multiple scenarios to optimize our systems for not only thermal performance, but also weight reduction, noise reduction, cost and schedule. More

Divide and Conquer

Fans, Computer Room Air Handlers (CRAH), and chillers, consume 35%-45% of the total power budget. A big concern for datacenter operators is reducing energy bills and one approach is to improve cooling efficiency. More

FloEFD for simulation of external aerodynamics

FloEFD™ has been successfully used to simulate external aerodynamics in various studies, ranging from aerofoils to whole aircraft modeling, for physically feasible range of Reynolds numbers including subsonic, transonic and supersonic cases. More

Geek Hub

Our team are passionate about all things CFD and love sharing their findings. In this issue, Product Marketing Manager and prolific blogger, Robin Bornoff describes how to bake a games console in an oven! More

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

A major new area for Eurotecnica is the storage of energy generated from solar power; an obvious characteristic of solar energy is that it is only available during daylight, which leads to a storage requirement more efficient than simply up-scaling standard battery technology. More

Optimizing IGBT Design using T3ster and FloTHERM

Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) have been the buzz in industry for a couple of years. Thousands of Watts dissipating through centimeter small surface areas, switching large electrical devices, such as MRI machines or E-Cars sounds like every design engineer's nightmare. More

Hybrid Innovation by Toyota

Toyota's effort in hybrid electric vehicle development is well known with the first hybrids on the road in the late 90´s. Since then the total production has reached millions globally, and is set to grow in the future. More

Making Computers Cool by Design

Using FloTHERM® from Mentor Graphics, NMB Minebea can anticipate design flaws, and evaluate the thermal behavior of the various components that will ultimately become an important part of the final cooling design More

Marrying Test & Simulation

The integration of Flowmaster into the design loop has allowed FAdeA to increase the efficiency of their extensive test facilities. More

Optimizing an Air-to-Air Refueling System

In the mil/aero industry, systems are getting more complex and the time/ cost to design them getting tighter. These systems and components may be mechanical, electrical, or a combination of both. A prime example of a complex aero system is the air-to-air refueling system. More

The A to Z of Breaking a World Water Speed Record

When Voxdale was approached by leading Belgian Speedboat manufacturer, Bernico International, to design an innovative Formula 2 class boat to break the then world record in 2008 and the 100 mph barrier, a new approach was needed. More

The Latest Philips TVs make LEDs Dance

In recent years there has been an explosion in LED-LCD displays, and a proliferation of LED TVs in people's homes. They offer a great picture, great styling with a thin form factor, increased functionality like 3D and internet access, and great value for money, but cooling the LEDs, while steadily increasing power densities in ever thinner product enclosures poses a big challenge for designers. More

Zero to 90 in 166,440 Hours

This winter will see the launch of the Bromley Baseboard at a few select ski resorts. Under development for the last four years, it's fascinating just how methodical, considered and patient the development and launch process has been. More

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