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Engineering Edge Volume 3, Issue 1

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A1 Racing

In 2009, eight teenage students from schools in Victoria, Australia, began an exciting journey that would lead them to meet F1™ boss, Bernie Eccelstone as his VIP guests at the American F1 Grand Prix as winners of the prestigious Formula 1 in Schools Program. More

Accurate 1D Thermo - Fluid Simulation in Real - Time Environments

Flowmaster is able to accurately model a wide range of thermo-fluid systems but these simulations are often not able to run natively in real-time, making them unsuitable for coupling with an HIL environment. However, Flowmaster can generate Response-Surfaces that characterize the behavior of its models. More

Bill Maltz Interview

Specializing in electronics thermal solutions, Bill Maltz is a veteran of the electronics cooling industry with nearly 30 yearsof experience in the field. Learn more in the full interview. More

Bromley Post-Sochi Update: You don’t learn if you’re standing still

Laser metrology of athletes is used in conjunction with FloEFD in order to produce simulations upon which design decisions can confidently be drawn. More

Co-Simulation capabilities from xMOD™

As key enabler of collaborative development, co-simulation platform tools (also known as coupling environments or middleware), are finding growing popularity as a means of solving the ever more technically complex challenges that face automotive and aerospace system designers. More

Comparing Tablet Natural Convection Cooling Efficiency

Building an accurate thermal model of the tablet allows the designer to rapidly test the effect of design and material changes without incurring the cost and schedule delays of testing prototypes. This speeds time to market and lowers development costs. More

Driving Flanders to Electric Powertrain Innovation

Voxdale chose the FloEFD 3D CFD package that’s embedded in PTC Creo as the simulation tool for designing thermal aspects of the Battery Modules because of its ease of use and easy meshing methodology for complex repeated geometries. More

FloEFD for Cyclone Simulation

This FloEFD CFD study is particularly interesting as the k-ε turbulence model is generally regarded as not being suitable for the swirling flow that obviously plays such a prominent role in a cyclone. It therefore provides an excellent dataset against which to judge FloEFD’s enhanced k-ε turbulence model. [ More

Geek Hub

Sometimes even the most deeply considered engineering creations such as architectural structures can exhibit unpredictable behaviors. More

Getting Heat Out

If we examine typical military electronics CPU Modules and Mezzanines over the last few decades, what is very clear is that their Power levels have increased dramatically. The VPX, formerly known as VITA 46, is an ANSI standard (ANSI/VITA 46.0-2007) that provides VMEbus-based (Versa Module Europa bus) systems for CPUs with support for switched fabrics over a new high speed connector. More

How To... Get Hot Lumens in situ from FloEFD’s unique LED Module

Occasionally a software product or module comes along that stimulates interest in a new technical area and can even prove to be a game changer. Read more about the the LED module for the 3D CFD product, FloEFD. More

Implementing Practical Fan Curves in Datacenter Simulations

Datacenters are among the most energy consuming facilities. The current trend is continuously increasing to satisfy the growing needs of E-commerce and other revolutionary technologies such as cloud computing. We use CFD, to model variable flow devices that exist in a typical datacenter. More

Influence of Power Cycling Strategy on IGBT Lifetime - A Case Study

Mentor’s Power Tester 1500A is designed to automate the process of qualifying the reliability of parts to make a good estimate for the power module’s lifetime during service, and to identify weaknesses that can be removed during development thereby increasing reliability and lifetime. More

Model Based System Engineering at the Aeronautical Development Agency

Mentor's Flowmaster® 1D CFD software was brought in by ADA as a complementary tool to existing theoretical and physical test procedures. Flowmaster allowed the group to achieve more accurate predictions of system performance at all stages of the design loop. More

More Power Please

The use of FloEFD in their design process helps Raul to test design variations for venting, fan position and geometries, as well as housing changes for better airflow. More

New Release: MicReD® Industrial Power Tester 1500A

Introducing the new MicReD® Industrial Power Tester 1500A for power cycling and thermal testing of electronics components to simulate and measure lifetime performance. More

New Release: FloTHERM V10.0

FloTHERM V10.0 is a significant user experience, with several functionality and usability enhancements. More

Profile: Roland Feldhinkel

Introducing Roland Feldhinkel, the new General Manager of the Mentor Graphics’ Mechanical Analysis Division. More

Seiko Epson Corporation - Empowering Engineers since 1989

By adopting FloEFD, Seiko Epson designers were able to affect designs as they developed, with the confidence that any discrepancies in results would be picked up by the analysis team during testing. More

There’s an App for that!

Now that our phones are to the guidance computer used on the NASA Apollo missions, as a flick-book is to a high definition television, it follows that there are more and more mobile applications with the potential to make the life of the average engineer easier. More

Thermal Efficiency: Facebook’s Datacenter Server Design

Facebook calculate that over a three year period, new server designs alone will deliver at least 19% more throughput, cost approximately 10% less, and use several tons less raw materials to build than a comparable datacenter of the same power budget, More

Upgrading a Biomass Furnace: A Simulation Driven Approach

In April 2013, Cofely Fabricom E&E was awarded a turnkey revamping contract to improve the reliability and performance of the biomass furnace of the cogeneration unit in Sart-Tilman, Liège, Belgium, which is part of the central heat production and distribution across the Université de Liège (ULG) and the CHU University Hospital. More

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