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Myths vs Reality - approaches to electronics Thermal Management challenges



A complimentary seminar on addressing contemporary electronics thermal management design challenges for a variety of applications. Register to attend one of these sessions.

Thermal design engineers must constantly meet demands from consumers such as balancing touch temperature vs internal operating temperature in hand held devices, or tough requirements in industry applications for reducing costs of materials and reducing enclosure size.

This seminar looks into novel approaches and methodology in the use of the latest computational fluid dynamics (CFD) capabilities available with FloTHERM® and related solutions to assist engineers.

For any questions on the sessions or the topics, please contact us. Food and beverages will be provided.

Who Should Attend

  • Thermal Design Engineers
  • Packaging Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers

What You Will Learn

  1. Consumer Electronics: Engineering challenges vs consumer experience and perception tradeoffs
    1. Hand held study: Predicting accurate transient response to user scenarios. Are phase change material effective at shielding transient heating from consumer?
    2. Set Top study: Are Vent holes effective for Fan-less boxes? Options are explored
  2. Telecoms Industry: Demanding environments and commercial pressures
    1. Blade Server Study: Off the shelf heat sinks are rarely adequate and never optimal for real world scenarios. Studies to optimize heat sink thermal performance will be described as part of a holistic board level approach.
    2. Outdoor Enclosures Study: Demonstration of a proprietary method using BottleNeck (Bn) and ShortCut (Sc) numbers that can be used to drive thermal design toward increased thermal performance and reduce material cost in an innovative way.
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