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FloTHERM Products


Web-based IC package thermal characterization tool for semiconductor manufacturers. FloTHERM IC delivers unprecedented automation and productivity in generating thermal metrics.

Technical specifications

Full-Spectrum Characterization

JEDEC standards for a number of thermal metrics are now available for monochip packages – including θ (JA, JC, JMA and JB) and Ψ(JT and JB) parameters, all of which require the package of interest to be exercised in one of several standard test environments – a manually intensive and laborious process. With FloTHERM IC packaging engineers can generate the full spectrum of JEDEC metrics and compact models for a package under one roof, plus support for JEDEC 2-Resistor and DELPHI compact models.

Batch Characterization Maximizes Time Savings

Batch up multiple packages at once to analyze sensitivity to package design parameters, or simply create a full spectrum of metrics for a given package design. FloTHERM IC allows the export of all metrics data as Excel-compatible CSV files.

Sensitivity Analysis

Investigate the influence of key package parameters such as die size, power, die attach conductivity, lead pitch etc. on any JEDEC metric or compact model in just a few mouse clicks.

EDA Interface

Option for detailed modeling of BGA substrates.

SmartParts & Libraries

Key package sub-elements can be represented as libraries, and saved and imported from independent vendors. Package constituents such as die, die attach, die attach pad, substrate, leadframe, lid, etc., can be stored as separate library items, thus greatly speeding new package creation. The range of supported packages is continuously updated to capture rapid advances in packaging technology, (e.g. System-in-Package (SiP) and stacked die).

Searchable Results Database

Use the comprehensive results database to select the optimal starting point for a new package design from your previous solutions.


100% wizard-based interface is designed to be used by both core thermal team and field engineers. Post-processing is possible with FloVIZ, and using Microsoft Excel®. No training is required to use the tool!

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