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FloTHERM Products


Collaboration tool for everyone concerned with conceptual PCB thermal design

Industries and applications

FloTHERM PCB is a unique, new software program for streamlining concept development of printed-circuit boards (PCBs), whilst ensuring good thermal design and accelerating the PCB design process. FloTHERM PCB facilitates collaboration between product marketing, electronic engineers and mechanical engineers on PCB design, particularly during the conceptual phase of the design process.

Aerospace & Defense

Thermal management of a PCB assembly is often considered before the whole system or rack in aerospace and defense applications, which are strongly influenced by miniaturization and EMI shielding.

FloTHERM PCB offers the possibility to evaluate PCB thermal management with detailed structure and components thermal compact models:

  • Virtual PCB wind tunnel
  • High result accuracy
  • Vast electronic cooling features

“Our evaluation showed that FloTHERM and FloTHERM PCB thermal simulation software can save time in modeling while integrating the design process to a higher degree than other tools.”

Fabio Vitale, Galileo Avionica

Galileo Avionica
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Engineers work on detailed PCB thermal designs before considering the whole electronic system. Automotive PCBs can contain large copper traces for high-power applications and detailed PCB thermal management is of high importance.

FloTHERM PCB offers electronics cooling capabilities that enable high power traces to be considered in detail and ensure high accuracy during the earlier stages of the design process:

  • Virtual PCB wind tunnel
  • EDA data and trace utilization
  • Interfacing to Hyperlynx PI


FloTHERM PCB supports mechanical and thermal engineers involved in PCB design across a range of industries. FloTHERM PCB provides fast thermal investigations of PCB design from the concept design stage, allowing issues to do with cooling and integration into the product to be investigated from the outset. Key features include:

  • Conceptual model creation and direct import from EDA systems
  • Fully integrated library capability for model re-use and sharing
  • Support for common thermal environments: card slots, conduction cooled, etc.
  • Compact and detailed omponent model import from FloTHERM PACK
  • Direct import of the PCB model into FloTHERM and FloTHERM XT
  • Standardized result displays for easy design comparisons

“We can generate the thermal analysis directly from the functional block diagram long before the board is even placed and routed.”

Fabio Vitale, Galileo Avionica

Galileo Avionica
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