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FloTHERM Products


CAD-centric thermal CFD from conceptual design to manufacture

Technical Specifications

Leveraging the electronic cooling DNA of FloTHERM and CFD technology from FloEFD, FloTHERM XT delivers the power and performance for large, complex electronic systems and provides unprecedented capabilities to both thermal experts and mechanical engineers.

In comparison to traditional general-purpose simulation products, FloTHERM XT cuts process times significantly and enables designers and thermal specialists to quickly and efficiently arrive at an optimum solution.

FloTHERM XT Datasheet
Datasheet (PDF, 4mb)

Specialized Electronics Cooling Software for Complex Electronics Systems

FloTHERM XT provides an important addition to the FloTHERM suite of products targeting electronics cooling applications across all industry sectors. FloTHERM XT is complementary to both FloTHERM and FloEFD with its Electronics Module.

CAD-centric User Interface, Geometry Engine and Controls

FloTHERM XT offers a CAD-centric user interface as well as geometry engine and controls. These features, coupled with a very short learning curve, enable users to quickly become productive while working with both complex geometry and geometry at arbitrary angles.

SmartPart- and Library-enabled

FloTHERM XT contains a full geometric and non-geometric SmartParts library, enabling users to access a full set of the most popular components for fast and accurate model creation. FloTHERM XT works with non-Cartesian geometry, supporting non-standard form factors and novel heatsink designs, with arbitrary non-aligned or curved geometry. It also supports angled PCBs, radial blowers and phase-change materials.

MCAD Support

The CAD-centric nature of FloTHERM XT allows SmartPart geometry to be evolved throughout the design flow. This ensures that the latest and most consistent data is always used, whether that data originated from FloTHERM XT SmartParts, or was imported from an MCAD system. FloTHERM XT supports direct interfaces with all major MCAD systems and all major neutral file formats.

EDA Integration

FloTHERM XT includes CircuitWorks, an elegant and powerful add-on for importing IDF, PADS and ProStep data. It also offers a new-generation FloEDA Bridge module with a direct interface to Expedition Enterprise, with a powerful bi-directional interface module for Expedition.

These tools use the latest data communication technology from Mentor Graphics (CCZ) with an update function to keep models concurrent with the latest board design as it evolves. This allows import of all trace layer and via details with conversion into a stacked representation of the PCB with separate orthotropic material properties for each layer.

Data Import from FloTHERM, FloTHERM PCB and FloTHERM PACK

FloTHERM XT supports full assembly and project-based PDML import, enabling support for data from FloTHERM PACK, FloTHERM PCB and FloTHERM IC.

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