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FloTHERM Products


Perform thermal analysis, create virtual models, and test design modifications of electronic equipment before physical prototyping

Industries and applications

FloTHERM has been enabling engineers from a wide range of industries for 25 years, helping them create virtual models of electronic equipment, perform thermal analysis, and test design modifications quickly and easily before any physical prototypes are built.

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Aerospace & Defense

Thermal management is a crucial factor to maintain avionics system reliability and increased advancements in technology require state-of-the-art thermal simulation tools.

FloTHERM offers electronics cooling capabilities and EDA interfaces to optimize the workflow and accuracy for high-reliability product developments:

  • EDA data utilization for high accuracy
  • PCB trace representation
  • Die to rack dimension scale resolution

FloTHERM is used to design small, high-power electronic devices where effective cooling helps ensure long component life and reliability. Thermacore

“FloTHERM continues to allow us to design better and more innovative electronics cooling devices for smaller and hotter applications. Using FloTHERM versus a prototype build in this type of application saves approximately $5-10k worth of development costs.”

Matt Connors, Thermacore

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FloTHERM offers state-of-the-art simulation technologies for automotive electronics, where increasing miniaturization has made thermal management critical, yet hard to achieve. Using FloTHERM, automotive engineers can solve tasks from the smallest die to the largest enclosure:

  • Real-time meshing
  • Detailed die to enclosure dimension scale resolution
  • Fast and high accuracy solving
  • Vast electronics cooling features and capabilities

Valeo uses FloTHERM® to quickly and accurately ensure the reliability of an electronic motor control unit governing the speed of an engine-cooling fan. Valeo

“These comparisons confirmed the temperatures predicted by FloTHERM, and gave us full confidence that the prototype motor control unit complied with thermal specifications. At the same time, the simulations allowed us to speed up and optimise the design, minimizing the weight of the product and therefore the costs of manufacturing. For mass-market products such as control units for cars, these cost savings can be huge.”

Marc Iliozer, Valeo

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FloTHERM delivers the right level of functionality regardless of the packaging level design task required:

Laird Technologies uses FloTHERM® thermal simulation software to cut the cost of prototyping. Laird Technologies

“FloTHERM… can simulate nearly any type of thermal solution. Most of our customers use it… and we can easily share models with them.”

Shahi Riaz, Laird Technologies

Laird Technologies
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