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Flowmaster Products


Expanding the dimensions—the industry’s first natively combined general-purpose 1D-3D CFD software solution

Industries and Applications

1D-3D CFD has pan-industry impact: Most systems will contain elements that are in some way unique and for which data is perhaps not available. The ability to readily use FloEFD to characterize the component in 3D and export that performance map directly to Flowmaster brings a new dimension to system CFD fidelity.

Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace systems place a number of constraints on the designer: not only must performance be both optimized and well understood, but they must be packaged and routed through extremely tight spaces. It is therefore likely that at any number of points in a fuel or bleed air network there’ll be fittings and components that are unique to the design being proposed. Linking FloEFD and Flowmaster offers greater accuracy in these situations.


The focus on efficiency and emission control makes two demands of systems designers: not only must they get more out of a particular network, but how that network might integrate with other systems must also be considered. Add in the packaging constraints also prevalent in the aerospace industry and it’s clear that there is much to be gained from having an accurate systems model from early on in the design loop.

1D-3D CFD via Flowmaster and FloEFD is exactly the type of toolset that can deliver this level of fidelity.

Plant & Process

Increasing industrial electricity costs mean that pumping costs can no longer be considered a minor operating cost. A detailed systems model is fundamental to understanding the pressure drop in a system both on and off design. Building such a model can be enhanced by using FloEFD to characterize elements of the network that lie outside Flowmaster’s extensive component catalogue.

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