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Flowmaster Products

Flowmaster for Automotive

Fluid thinking for systems engineers


Airside Systems

Accurate thermal system modeling is dependent on the ability to model the air flow through the cooling pack for a range of transient operating conditions. This means the need to understand the effects of velocity, pressure and temperature profiles as well as non-uniform blockages of the heat exchangers.

The Flowmaster V7 Automotive Airside Systems Modeling package enables you to optimize the interactions of close-coupled heat exchangers using automatic air flow path segmentation.

Air Conditioning Systems

Proper system integration of air conditioning systems by tier’d suppliers and OEM’s is vital in maintaining acceptable performance characteristics as cost and packaging constraints are imposed. Physical testing of design changes is expensive and time consuming.

The Air Conditioning (AC) System Modeling packages from Flowmaster allow you to design and optimize your AC system during the early stages of design to optimize component selection and overall system design.

Cooling Systems

Thermal management is a significant challenge in the design of modern vehicles and a well-designed cooling system is vital in overcoming this challenge. Designing and optimizing for packaging space restrictions, powertrain architecture variations and thermal loads is essential.

The Cooling Systems Modeling packages from Flowmaster enable you to model your cooling system and optimize its design before building the real thing, whether you vary the design parameters of the thermostat to ensure a constant temperature in the cooling system or resize key components to packaging constrains.

Exhaust Systems

The modern automotive exhaust system is critical in enabling powertrain systems to meet their performance, efficiency, weight and packaging targets. However, during the vehicle development process, it is the exhaust system that is often left until the very end to design.

Using the Exhaust Systems Modeling packages, you can model entire systems from the engine to the rear silencer/muffler and subsequently run simulations under real operating conditions to accurately predict pressures, losses, flow rates and other performance parameters for a given design.

Fuel Systems

The Fuel & Injection Systems Modeling packages from Flowmaster allow you to design, simulate, optimize and validate your fuel & injection system to requirements before committing to expensive prototypes. The package includes a wide range of standard and fuel & injection specific components. A range of simulation modes enables engineers to model these complex systems in order to predict fuel system behavior for critical design cases to ensure adequate fuel flow and pressure, accurate fuel metering, avoidance of interaction effects and control pressure transients.

Lubrication Systems

With energy prices rising and both markets and legislation demanding more efficient engines, optimizing the lubrication systems of your powertrain systems is essential to ensuring as efficient and economical vehicle operation as possible.

The Lubrication Systems Modeling packages from Flowmaster enable Automotive Systems Engineers to understand the complex dynamics of an entire lubrication system allowing you to quickly and easily evaluate your lubrication design.

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