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Flowmaster Products

Flowmaster for Automotive

Fluid thinking for systems engineers

Technical Specifications

Advanced Fuel System Modeling & Simulation

  • Globally recognized drive cycles within the performance data catalogue enables transient drive cycles to be simulated
  • Simulate temperature effects on the fuel rail – for example, bulk modulus
  • Examine individual injector delivery volumes and timing (rate shaping)

HVAC System Modeling & Simulation

  • Geometric heat exchanger modeling
  • Super critical AC system components
  • In-built R744a (CO2) correlations for optimizing AC systems using the latest refrigerants
  • Reversible Heat Pump modeling
  • Cabin component with a passenger comfort model designed to provide engineers with greater understanding of the thermal effects on the occupants of a vehicle.
  • Global drive cycle performance data

VTM - Airside & Cooling System Modeling & Simulation

  • Fully integrated airside and cooling system modeling
  • 3D visualization of the cooling pack layout
  • Segmented controllers that allow detailed dynamic
  • Interaction with 3D CFD applications

Lubrication & Exhaust Modeling & Simulation

  • Industry tailored components for lubrication and exhaust system modeling.
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