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Flowmaster Products

Flowmaster V7 for Gas Turbine

Fluid thinking for systems engineers

Options and Modules

Gas Turbine General

Flowmaster V7 Gas Turbine enables users to predict lubricant pressure, flow rates, temperatures, and other performance parameters as well as specify and optimize component sizes and understand the effect of component changes on the entire system. Users can also predict fuel system behavior for critical design cases and ensure adequate fuel flow and pressure, accurate fuel metering and control pressure transients.

Gas Turbine Secondary Air

Understand the swirl characteristics (pressures, temperatures and flow rate) of complex secondary air flow paths based on 2D geometric cross-sections. Flowmaster V7 Gas Turbine utilizes a swirl solver and heat transfer solver to assess the impact of thermal conditions by modeling both frictional and wall surface heat transfer with the flexibility for companies to include their own proprietary correlations for flows and thermal effects through these rotating passageways. Flowmaster V7 Gas Turbine also reports the velocity effects of combines flows so that the effect of pre-swirl nozzles and impingement losses can be understood.

Gas Turbine Suite

The Flowmaster Gas Turbine Suite combines the functionality of the Secondary Air systems modeling package, the Gas Turbine General systems modeling package, and Multi-fluid simulation advanced functionality. Multi-fluid simulation enables users to simulate the mixing and/or separation of multiple liquids or gases. This capability enables fuel system engineers to model the vent lines and inerting systems of gas turbine fuel systems and also track feedstock concentration changes. The Gas Turbine Suite also includes advanced pschrometrics modeling capability which allows users to model and simulate accurately the moisture and humidity changes as air flows in the gas turbine auxiliary systems.

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