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Flowmaster Products

Flowmaster V7

Fluid thinking for systems engineers

Technical Specifications

Gas Distribution Networks

Flowmaster contains all the elements required to help engineers design and understand current and future gas networks: a solution engine that can account for ideal or real gas effects, a comprehensive fluid property database, a component library that accounts for compressibility effects when considering pressure drop and the ability to simulate heat transfer to and from the surroundings as well as within the pipelines themselves.

Subsea Actuation/Water Injection

Flowmaster is the perfect tool for the design of many subsea networks. As well as a respected transient solver which will allow users to take in to account the effects of submerging or burying pipes on temperature and fluid properties, Flowmaster has a suite of electro-mechanical components that can be used to simulate hardware of any scale. The controller suite allows users to easily set up and assess the response of their networks to any number of possible scenarios.

Cooling Water Networks

Flowmaster’s strength in this area is founded both on its world renowned transient solution engine and its cooling-water condenser model that enables engineers to analyze in detail the impact of pressure surges on this critical component.

The cooling-water condenser model captures the geometry and elevation of the waterboxes in question, the positioning of the tube bundle connecting them and the presence and nature of any gas admission or release valves. This detailed yet accessible model provides an extra layer of detail for any engineer responsible for the design of power station cooling networks.

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