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Flowmaster Products

Flowmaster V7 for Power & Energy

Fluid thinking for systems engineers


Flowmaster V7 for the process, power and energy industries provides system engineers with a powerful tool to investigate pressure surge, pressure drop, flow rate, temperature and system response times – removing the uncertainty from fluid flow systems. Design optimization features in Flowmaster provide users with the ability to conduct superior ‘what-if’ analyses for 1D thermo-fluid analysis.

Lurgi GmbH optimises its Piping Systems using Flowmaster V7. Lurgi GmbH

Gas Turbine Systems

Flowmaster Gas Turbine allows gas turbine designers to get an understanding of secondary air flows, blade cooling, lubrication and fuel systems accurately and up front.

Flowmaster for Power and Energy enables the system level performance of different gas turbine stages to be understood. Whether it’s to size inter-stage re-heaters or to judge the performance of a combined-cycle system, Flowmaster is a valuable design tool for those looking at the Rankine Cycle for energy generation.

Fossil Fuel Systems

Fossil fuels remain the most common energy source of power for electricity generation, globally. However, concerns over emissions and operating cost demand that the systems become ever more complex. Flowmaster allows engineers to understand the interaction of steam and flue gas system and aids the design of efficient plant.

Lubrication Systems

Flowmaster’s comprehensive library of fittings, underpinned by robust empirical data, makes it the number one choice for engineers looking to design lubrication systems of any scale.

Renewable Energy Systems

Renewable energy generation is a rapidly evolving and growing field. Flowmaster has proven itself as a valuable tool for evaluating performance of a number of novel generation and power storage schemes thanks to its accurate solver and open architecture.

Two Phase Steam Systems

Flowmaster’s advanced two-phase solver takes the Flowmaster solver across the saturation line allowing users to get accurate pressure drop and heat transfer predictions for their systems.

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