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The Mechanical Analysis Division of Mentor Graphics combines the heritage and DNA of Flomerics, NIKA, MicReD and Flowmaster yielding unique strengths to our clients. We have focused on designer and manufacturers’ needs to deliver elegant real-world applied CFD solutions over the years.

Our management team has many years of experience and expertise in PLM, CAE, CAD, CFD and other simulation industries. FloEFD emerged in the 1980s out of world-class aerodynamics expertise within the Russian Aerospace industry, Flowmaster originated from the British Hydromechanics Research Association in the UK and FloTHERM came out of Imperial College in London.


Electronics Cooling History

Nearly 40 years ago two pioneers of the commercial CFD industry, Harvey Rosten and David Tatchell, worked in Prof Brian Spalding’s pivotal CFD Research Group developing algorithms in Imperial College, London. After subsequently working in Spalding’s commercial arm, CHAM, David & Harvey had a vision; they wanted to create a new kind of CFD company that was solution driven rather than technology driven like general purpose CFD codes – in effect they wanted to deliver design class CFD tools for particular industry applications. Hence, in 1988 they founded and became co-owners and the leaders of Flomerics Limited that grew rapidly to dominate its market.

Founding Fathers of MultiCAD-embedded CFD

Nearly 20 years ago two pioneers of MCAD-embedded CFD met at a conference in Germany, Alexander Sobachkin and Roland Feldhinkel, and they decided to found a new kind of 3D CFD company called NIKA (after the Greek god of Victory). They foresaw the explosive growth of MCAD tools and the increasing need for CFD to be embedded very deeply in the design cycle to be of day-to-day benefit to both design engineers and analysts within a wide range of product manufacturing companies. Their vision was to architect from the ground up a CFD code that was easy-to-use and general purpose yet embedded within all MCAD tools that engineers use today to impact their design workflows. They subsequently pioneered the development of “Engineering Fluid Dynamics” and the commercial success of the world-leading multiCAD-embedded CFD software, FloEFD, that today provides upfront and concurrent CFD simulation throughout a product’s complete design cycle. In the last 15 years FloEFD has grown to be one of the most widely used general purpose CFD codes in the world.

Pioneers of Transient Thermal Testing & Characterization of Electronics

Over the last two decades the Department of Electron Devices at the prestigious Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) has been at the forefront of developing thermal transient testing and characterization tools. Led by Prof. Vladimír Székely and Prof. Márta Rencz, they foresaw the need for accurate, fast, thermal characterization tools in the electronics industry through research and development efforts that led to the creation of hardware & software products for quality and reliability in electronics system thermal design & test. They set up MicReD (Microelectronics Research & Development) in 1997 to commercialize their know-how and ideas and subsequently produced the world-leading unique T3Ster® – the Thermal Transient Tester equipment and a host of allied accessories.

Market Leading General Purpose Thermo-Fluid Systems Level 1D CFD

Since the 1980s Flowmaster has established a reputation as the market leader in general purpose 1D CFD. Flowmaster emerged from the British Hydromechanics Research Association (BHRA) where over two decades one of their lead researchers Don Miller gathered together empirical pressure drop data of pipe, duct, valve, pump and associated other pipeline components from in-house measurements. His resultant seminal book on the topic, “Internal Flow Systems” is now in its fourth edition and is a textbook much respected and used by engineers of all types worldwide. Mentor’s Flowmaster suite of products includes a wealth of data from Miller’s book plus other unpublished data for a wide range of ~500 standard and non-standard flow components that are used in steady state and transient thermo-fluid systems and network models today. Although Don is retired now, his legacy lives on through the Flowmaster development team based in Towcester in the UK.

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