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Power & Energy

Safe, reliable and efficient energy generation and supply through thorough design

Mentor Graphics Mechanical Analysis simulation solutions offer engineers the opportunity to obtain reliable, quantitative design data from the earliest stages of the design process. Such virtual prototyping reduces uncertainty, shortens design cycles and allows for accurate component specification.

Water Hammer

Predict pressure surge and select optimum mitigation strategies.

Cooling Systems

Size components, virtually prototype different design scenarios.

Fire Mains

Ensure adequate pressure and flow rate at all points of fair ring mains.

Water Systems

Size condensers and assess network response during planned and unplanned shutdowns.

Design of Heat Exchangers

Prototype innovative and improved designs for any type of heat exchanger.

Gas Networks

Simulate components and/or entire networks in order to ensure optimal and safe design.


Ensure adequate ventilation reaches all parts of a facility or that clean rooms are suitably served by fresh air and exhaust networks

Contaminant Dispersal

Create safe and well ventilated work environments with modern simulation tools.

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