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Oil & Gas

Mentor Graphics Mechanical Analysis supply a range of products for engineers concerned with hydrocarbon extraction, processing and transportation.


Water Injection


System simulation allows transient response of injection systems to be assessed across a range of scenarios

Ship to shore loading/unloading


Understand how ship to shore networks respond to planned and emergency shut down and start up scenarios.

Hydrocarbon transport


Pipeline transport of liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons demands that components and fittings are selected based on a complete understanding of likely flow conditions.

Utility Networks

oil refinery

Processing requires large quantities of steam and water, understand transient response or plan for expansion with simulation.

Key Products


FloEFD uses unique meshing and solver technology to deliver accurate thermodynamic results for even the most complex of geometries. Learn more


Flowmaster allows the steady state and transient response of systems containing liquids, gases or two phase steam to be analyzed. Learn more


FloVENT provides a convenient way by which ventilation in enclosed spaces can be understood and redesigned. Learn more

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