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Power Generation

Mentor Graphics Mechanical Analysis offers a range of products for the design of single phase fluid and two-phase steam systems and components.


Cooling Water Networks

Size condensers and assess network response during planned and unplanned shutdowns

Two-phase systems

The Rankine cycle exists at the heart of many power generation schemes. Simulation provides a convenient means by which engineers can get a deeper understanding of such networks.

Gas Turbine Lubrication

Operating at extreme speeds and temperatures, adequate lubrication is key to the reliable and prolonged used of power turbines.

Gas turbine secondary air

The design of air cooling circuits in gas turbines is an extremely complex undertaking, well suited to computer simulation.


Flowmaster allows users to better understand fluid network design. Learn more

FloEFD’S unique approach to CFD allows designers of heat exchangers to mesh and solve even the most complicated of geometries. Learn more

FloVENT allows engineers to understand and tailor the ventilation within enclosed spaces, for example to reduce the risk of contaminant dispersal. Learn more

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