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Plant and Process

Simulating for understanding, efficiency and safety

Designing safe and efficient plant hinges on access to accurate performance data: something fluid simulation can provide from the earliest phases of concept design. Mentor Graphics Mechanical Analysis offers a range of fluid simulation packages that can provide fluid and thermodynamic information for individual components or entire systems, in steady state or transient.

“Physical measurements were essential to the project’s success, but couldn’t produce the needed data in every case. With simulation we were able to look at static pressure distributions through a flow field and get information on the total pressure, which is a direct measure of the entropy in the system. A loss in total pressure is energy loss, and CFD delivers a color picture of where the losses are. We could never have hoped to measure that with physical measurements alone.”

Guus Bertels, Bronswerk Heat Transfer B.V.

Bronswerk Heat Transfer BV
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Gas Networks

Simulate components and/or entire networks in order to ensure optimal and safe design.

Cooling Water

Size components, virtually prototype different design scenarios.

Water Hammer

Predict pressure surge and select optimum mitigation strategies.

Fire Mains

Ensure adequate pressure and flow rate at all points of fair ring mains.

Contaminant Dispersal

Create safe and well ventilated work environments with modern simulation tools.

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