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Chemical and Process

Tools for the safe design of components, systems and environments

Process plants can comprise many miles of pipes and fittings. Ensuring that such systems are adequately designed, heat exchangers sized and shut down/start up procedures defined is critical to safe and efficient operation. Be it predicting pressure surge in a pipeline system, optimizing a heat exchanger design or ensuring an environment it properly ventilated; Mentor Graphics has a suite of simulation packages to provide engineers with the insight they need to oversee innovative and safe designs.


Gas Networks

Simulate components and/or entire networks in order to ensure optimal and safe design.

Contaminant Dispersal

Create safe and well ventilated work environments with modern simulation tools image.

Water Hammer

Predict pressure surge and select optimum mitigation strategies.

Fire main

Ensure adequate pressure and flow rate at all points of fair ring mains.

Cooling water

Size components, virtually prototype different design scenarios image.

Key Products

Fluid system CFD for engineers tasked with understanding pipeline fluid and heat flow problems in steady state and transient. Learn more

Unique meshing technology allows engineers to leverage the power of CFD within the design process. Learn more

A robust and efficient solver for the understanding of air flow in enclosed spaces. Learn more

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