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Metals and Mining

Tools for the safe design of components, systems and environments

Resource extraction and processing operations require supporting networks to supply water or remove heat and gases. The design of such systems can be streamlined though the use of upfront simulation. Be it predicting pressure surge in a pipeline system, optimizing a heat exchanger design or ensuring an environment it properly ventilated, Mentor Graphics has a suite of simulation packages to provide engineers with the insight they need to oversee innovative and safe designs.


Cooling Water Networks

Thermal power stations require vast amounts of cooling water for operation. Ensuring these systems are well designed is a fundemental requirement.

The laws of thermodynamics make it clear that where we use heat to generate power, there will always be a proportion rejected to a cold sink.

Cooling networks can be extremely complex, vary widely in scale and design but they are always critical to the safe and continued use of the installation they support. The design of such networks is thus fundamental to the safe operation of systems covering a range from a few kilo-Watts to several giga-Watts.

Recommended Solutions

Flowmaster was designed from the outset to aid the design of cooling water networks for large scale thermal power stations. The accuracy of the empirical data that underpins the solver ensures that designers can be sure they’re sizing their system based on the best information available. The importance of this feature is of particular significance today given spiraling energy costs and the drive towards high efficiency systems.

The transient solver in Flowmaster enables designers of smaller scale systems – which typically operate at a range of conditions – to understand the response of their network to changing loads and demands. At the larger scale, where water hammer is a real risk, Flowmaster is well suited to help quantify and design out undesirable surge events and protect cooling water condensers.

In addition, FloEFD’s unique meshing solution enables engineers to obtain accurate solutions on even the most complex of geometries. Therefore making it the ideal tool for understanding the flow patterns in complex manifolds or fittings or even the wind-loading on and plume dispersal from cooling towers.

Fire Mains

The combination of large scale, high flow-rate and rapid actuation makes fire mains particularly vulnerable to water hammer.


Fire mains form the backbone of fire fighting strategies for sea going vessels and process plants of any appreciable size. From a hydraulic perspective, they bring together three elements (scale, flow-rate and short response time) that make them particularly vulnerable to water hammer.

Careful analysis and design is therefore essential to ensure that installed systems fulfil their required role.

Recommended Solution

Flowmaster enables designers to accurately predict the performance of both open and closed loop systems in steady state and transient. Flow rates to different points of the network can be easily balanced and – if required – surge alleviation measure evaluated and sized.

Industrial Gas Networks

Many industrial processes require the safe handling of toxic and/or high temperature gases


The transportation and handling of gas is an issue present in many industrial processes. These gases may be at elevated temperatures, high flow rates, toxic or any combination of the above. Therefore it is not only essential to understand any proposed network well in order to design the most efficient plant, it is also an absolute requirement for establishing a safe operating environment.

Recommended Solutions

Flowmaster enables engineers to build virtual prototypes of their pipelines, enabling components to be sized, different configurations assessed, insulation requirements judged and safety critical scenarios evaluated. Its compressible solver can handle both real and ideal gas models and is complemented by a comprehensive NIST database of fluid properties.

FloEFD complements the Flowmaster solution by enabling the loss characteristics of components not covered in the standard Flowmaster catalogue to be evaluated and easily imported into Flowmaster. In addition, its unique meshing technology allows complex geometries to be easily simulated, meaning that simulations of plume dispersal from chimney’s or flares can be easily handled.

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