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Water Distribution

CFD for the design and understanding of fluid pipeline networks

Ensure reliable delivery of water and evaluate water hammer risk; plan maintenance and understand how networks can be expanded.


Water distribution


As cities around the world grow and new developments spring up either on the outskirts or in more remote locales, it is essential that the utility networks that supply them are well considered: how are they positioned for future growth? Are they as efficient as they could be? Have adequate provisions been made for potential water hammer events?


Flowmaster’s renowned transient solver allows engineers to both identify and suggest solutions to undesirable pressure surges. Its comprehensive component library allows for accurate predictions of pressure drop to be achieved and components appropriately sized.

FloEFD complements this approach by allowing users to simulate individual components such as pumps and valves in three dimensions to obtain more true-to-life performance data; the results can then be easily imported into Flowmaster to further fine-tune the system analysis results.



System CFD for steady state and water hammer studies. Learn more

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