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Mentor Mechanical

The Mentor Graphics Mechanical Analysis Division is the synthesis of several long-standing companies in the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and electronics thermal fields.

It grew out of the acquisition of UK based Flomerics Ltd in 2008, the market leader in electronics thermal analysis. Flomerics in turn had acquired NIKA GmbH (a leading-edge German-Russian CAD-embedded CFD company) in 2006 and MicReD (a Hungarian hardware electronics thermal characterization company) in 2005. The subsequent addition of Flowmaster Ltd in 2012, the market leader in general purpose 1D CFD, rounds off the history of the division.

CFD Industry Innovation and Leadership

In the last 25 years we have pioneered new markets for thermal analysis in electronics for analysts, mechanical engineers and designers, as well as world-leading, easy-to-use, multiCAD-embedded 3D CFD technologies. We have changed the way electronics and manufactured products are designed, and improved many manufacturing process workflows. Our 1D CFD tools have pioneered a whole industry.

3D CFD Innovations (EFD)

  • Localized grids and embedded-conduction solvers
  • Use of SmartParts and compact thermal models of IC packages
  • First with design of experiments and automated optimization inside CFD
  • Immersed boundary meshing with multi-control volumes
  • Unique 2-layer k-epsilon transition turbulence model
  • “Shortcut” and “bottleneck” numbers for electronics cooling post-processing

1D CFD Innovations (Flowmaster)

  • First general-purpose commercial 1D CFD software
  • First 1D CFD code with an intuitive GUI
  • First transient 1D CFD commercial solver
  • First 1D CFD code to connect to 3D CFD codes for co-simulation
  • First thermo-fluid 1D CFD code to have a relational database underneath

Thermal Characterization Hardware Innovations (MicReD)

  • MicReD invented structure function methodology
  • First transient package thermal tester
  • First combined thermal and radiometric characterization of LEDs (TeraLED)

The Knowledge Advantage

When you engage with the Mechanical Analysis Division of Mentor Graphics you immediately gain access to a pool of specialist technical knowledge unparalleled in the fields within which we compete.

Largest Electronics Cooling and CAD-embedded CFD Knowledgebase in the World

No other CFD vendor has invested as much in electronics cooling, HVAC & multiCAD-embedded CFD software in the last 25 years. With more than 500 man-years of development in FloTHERM and FloVENT, and 500 man-years of development in FloEFD these codes are tried, tested and industry-ready out of the box.

When you contact Mentor Graphics’ Mechanical Analysis Division you touch the single biggest electronics cooling, HVAC and CAD-embedded CFD technical knowledgebase in the world, with more than 75 development engineers in research and development. Many of our engineers have PhD- and Masters-level qualifications.

Extensive Transient Testing & Thermal Characterization Capabilities

No other EDA vendor or electronics company has a larger semiconductor thermal testing and characterization capability than Mentor Graphics. With over 200 man-years of Development in the MicReD product line, our products are the gold standard for thermal characterization worldwide. We have a fast growing MicReD product line development and support team of 30 people in our worldwide organisation to help you be successful with our products.

Mentor's Unique "SupportNet" Customer Portal

Open to all our CFD customers, users and partners, this Five Star Support Systems allows users access to a wide range of relevant information:

  • TechNotes
  • Best Practices
  • Tutorials
  • Quick Tips
  • Software distribution portal
  • Marketing Materials
  • Support requests from customers

"IDEAS" Customer Portal

A Mentor Graphics innovation, The “IDEAS” portal provides you with an easy way to give us feedback on product improvements. You can also prioritize (vote) for enhancement suggestions and this feeds directly into our FloTHERM/FloVENT, Flowmaster and FloEFD development efforts and priorities.

Mechanical Analysis U2Us

On a regular basis Mentor Graphics puts on User-2-User (U2U) events where our clients have a chance to network and hear what’s going on in their region product and company wise. Thousands of people take advantage of these events each year. Check out our Events page to see when and where the next one is coming to a hotel near you.

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