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MicReD Product Suite

Thermal Transient Test and Measurement

ISO 9001MicReD® (Microelectronics Research and Development) began as a spin-off company created by researchers of the Department of Electron Devices at the Budapest University of Technology & Economics (BME). Now part of Mentor Graphics, the MicReD group focuses on products for the thermal characterization of Integrated Circuit (IC’s) packages, single and arrayed power LEDs, stacked die and other multi-die packages, other high power semiconductor devices, TIMs and even complete electronic systems.

MicReD products are used in the semiconductor, electronic appliance and LED industries. Customers include many world-leading semiconductor manufacturers such as IBM, Infineon, LG, Philips, ST Microelectronics, Siemens and Samsung as well as specialist universities and research centers. MicReD’s highly acclaimed hardware is also widely used in the optical field at world renowned companies and research centers such as Lumileds, Osram as well as KOPTI (Korea) and ITRI (Taiwan).

The webinar will give an introduction to thermally induced failure mechanisms within the package region of the chip and also outside at the cooling structures. View Video

Products & Services

MicReD’s flagship product, T3Ster®, is an advanced transient temperature measurement system which enables rapid and extremely accurate thermal characterization of semiconductor device packages or even complete electronic systems. A scalable solution, it offers the best price/performance ratio in the market.

T3Ster® TeraLED® is a specialist solution for obtaining highly accurate measurements for power LEDs. It offers combined thermal and radiometric/photometric characterization of high-power LEDs, either in combination with T3Ster or as a stand-alone system.

DynTIM is a high precision test environment designed to operate in connection with T3Ster, our leading thermal transient testing solution.

The Mechanical Analysis Division provides test and measurement services for thermal characterization of IC packages, power-LEDs, and other discrete components. The service is used by semiconductor manufacturers, packaging houses and end-users of electronic components.

Add-on options ensure that T3Ster is not only scalable but also flexible to meet the specific needs of the user. It is scalable from the standard product set in terms of:

  • Power level (up to the kW range)
  • Number of power driving and temperature measurement channels
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