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Dynamic thermal characterization of Thermal Interface Materials (TIM)


DynTIM is a high-precision test environment for both standalone materials and in-situ and is designed to operate in conjunction with T3Ster®, Mentor’s leading thermal transient testing solution. The system is mainly designed for the measurement of soft materials, such as thermal greases and compressible pads. Adhesives and solid samples can also be tested.

The DynTIM high precision test environment

“We have been using the T3Ster DynTIM tester and love its speed and ease of use. It uses a very accurate method for characterizing thermal interface materials because it automatically varies the thickness of the sample. DynTIM helps us to develop LED lighting modules with excellent thermal performance and to ensure their thermal reliability over the whole product lifetime.”

Dr. Thomas Zahner, Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH

Fast and Fully Automated Testing Process from Start to Finish, Both Standalone and In Situ

DynTIM offers a fully automated testing process and allows users to test the TIM in its real-world application environment thereby saving time and effort in obtaining true-to-life results. It provides an unrivalled TIM measurement methodology with high accuracy quickly.

Studies show that the datasheet values of TIM materials measured by traditional methods can significantly overestimate the thermal conductivity and in some instances by 9x. DynTIM provides accurate measurement of these materials relative to established highly sophisticated methods in laboratory conditions.

Test a Large Variety of ASTM Type I, II and III Materials

A variety of compressible materials such as greases, pastes, phase-changing materials and with some additional considerations, the test of adhesives and solid samples is also possible. In addition, by testing a wide range of TIMs, users can choose a narrowed selection of the best-performing materials.

Use in combination with T3Ster thermal characterization hardware to test the materials in-situ and in their target environment, for the best possible design decision. Thermal conductivity data measured by DynTIM can also be applied to add thermal properties to simulation models in Mentor CFD solutions, such as FloTHERM or FloEFD.

TIM Measurement with ± 5% Accuracy

Testing systems using today’s current methods* do not allow for lower pressure measurements. This causes less than accurate results and the test results can not be replicated without a 10-20% repeatability error (based on conductivity data reports from various vendors).

DynTIM combined with T3Ster provides the industry’s most accurate method of measuring thermal resistance of TIMs (±5% with high repeatability) under conditions close to real life applications on a variety of materials at different pre-set thickness levels, such as greases, pastes, phase-changing materials and even specially prepared metallic samples.

* ASTM D5470 Standard Test Method for Thermal Transmission Properties of Thin Thermally Conductive Solid Electrical Insulation Materials and ASTM D5470-06 Standard Test Method of Thermal Transmission Properties of Thermally Conductive Electrical Insulation Materials.

Repeatable High-precision Test Environment

DynTIM tests materials in a realistic thermal environment, between a real diode package and a nickel plated copper cold-plate. The system can set-up the distance of the two surfaces with a resolution of 1 micrometer with minimal effort. Thermal conductivity of samples is calculated based on the change of the thermal resistance of the TIM as a function of its thickness.

This concept is similar to the ASTM standard; however, temperature is measured at one location only (the junction of the semiconductor diode in the top grip). Fine temperature measurement (0.01°C temperature resolution) combined with the calculation of the applied power based on accurate electrical parameters is responsible for the high repeatability of the testing solution.

Short Learning Curve

Due to its simplicity and robustness, DynTIM can be operated by almost anyone after attending an 8-hour training session (optional).

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