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MicReD Product Suite


Dynamic thermal characterization of Thermal Interface Materials (TIM)

Technical specifications

Feature Value Note
Sample size and shape 12.8 mm diameter, circular grips
Sample resistance range 0.01 K/W - 10 K/W
Measurement grip materials Bottom: Nickel plated copper, Top: Copper
Cold-plate temperature range 5-90 °C Set by external fluid thermostat
Sample thickness range 0-70 mm Measurement above 5mm thickness not recommended
Sample thickness setting resolution 1 µ
Sample thickness setting accuracy
  • 1 µ for Type I materials
  • 5 µ for Type II materials
Thickness measurement of Type III materials is better than 10 µ
Temperature measurement resolution 0.01 °C
Relative accuracy of derived heat conductivity Typically better than 5% For Type I materials
Pressure range 1060 kPa - 3600 kPa Measurement of Type I materials is carried out at 0 pressure
Measurement modes
  • ASTM TYPE I materials : Bondline thickness control
  • ASTM Type II materials: Bondline thickness control + pressure limit
  • ASTM Type III materials: Constant pressure mode
Bondline thickness values set by the user in case of Type III materials
Data output
  • Raw data export: XML, CSV
  • Report generation: HTML
  • Export conductivity value as a FloTHERM assembly
Raw measurement data can also be processed using T3Ster Master
Dimensions (LxWxH) 590mm x 570mm x 260mm
Weight 40 kg
Supply voltage 100-230 VAC 50/60 Hz Residual current device (RCD), min 30 mA leakage current
Additional hardware requirements
  • T3Ster unit
  • Liquid circulator unit, min. 10 l/min, min. 10 W cooling capacity (Third party)
  • PC running Windows XP/Windows 7 OS (Third party)
Thermostated circulator unit required for tests carried out at different than ambient temperatures
Tubing not included, for assembly instructions see quick connection guide
For the list of recommended third-party elements, please contact your official Mentor Graphics partner
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