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MicReD Product Suite

Power Tester 1500A

Power cycling and thermal testing of electronic components


MicReD Industrial Power Tester 1500A tests the reliability of power electronic components that are increasingly used in industries such as automotive and transportation including hybrid and electrical vehicles and trains, power generation and converters, and renewable energy applications such as wind turbines. It is the only commercially available thermal testing product that combines both power cycling and thermal transient measurements with structure function analysis while providing data for real-time failure-cause diagnostics. Common thermally-induced mechanical failures that the Power Tester 1500A analyzes in “real time” include die-attach wire bond separations, die and package stack-up delamination and cracks, and solder fatigue.

Power Tester 1500A

The Power Tester 1500A can help manufacturers to examine thermally induced degradations within the module stack-up. Reliability is a prime concern in many industries that use high-power electronics, so accelerated testing of these modules through a lifetime of cycles is a must for the component supplier, the system supplier, and the OEM. The MicReD Industrial Power Tester 1500A can power modules through tens of thousands—potentially millions—of cycles while providing “real-time” failure-in-progress data for diagnostics. This significantly reduces test and lab diagnosis time and eliminates the need for post-mortem or destructive failure analysis.

I(g,off) – measured gate current when the heating current is switched on (I(g,on) is similar curve measured when the heating current is on)s

VCE voltage of an IGBT during one cycle

TJ change of the junction temperature during one cycle as the function of cycles

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