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MicReD Product Suite

Power Tester 1500A

Power cycling and thermal testing of electronic components

Technical specifications

  • Field tested technology: the Power Tester 1500A platform is based on the Mentor Graphics® T3Ster® advanced thermal testing hardware solution which is used in industries worldwide for accurate thermal characterization
  • Test a wide range of power electronics: the range includes metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs), insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) and power diodes
  • Conduct continuous power cycling until failure: save time because the component doesn’t need to be removed, taken for lab testing then back to tester for more cycles
  • User-friendly touch-screen interface: the Power Tester can record a broad range of information during test, such as current, voltage and die temperature sensing; and detailed structure function analysis to record changes in the package’s thermal structure. Therefore, it is an ideal platform for package development and quality checking of components coming from vendors.
  • Concurrent testing of up to 3 samples (max. 500A each)
  • Apply different powering strategies during operation - constant power on/off time, constant case temperature swing, constant junction temperature rise, and constant applied power can be applied during operation
  • “Real-time” structure function diagnostics – obtain results such as failure in progress, number of cycles, and failure cause quickly
  • Eliminate lab post-mortem or destructive failure analysis: with the help of the Power Tester 1500A eliminate the need for lab post-mortem such as x-ray, ultrasonic or visual and costly destructive failure analysis
  • Easy to operate – the Power Tester 1500A can be used by both specialists and production personnel
  • • Enhanced safety features, over temperature, smoke, coolant leakage detection ensure safe operation of the system even if it is left standalone.
Maximum load current 3 x 500A / 1 x 1500A
Pulse current duration 0.5 sec onwards
Automated k-factor calibration for thermal testing Yes, up to 3 samples in parallel
Automated failure detection based on

UCE, ΔTj, Tjmax, Rth increase

Data recording UCE before and after switching, ΔTj, Tjmax, Tjmin, ΔP, ΔTj/ΔP, structure functions, Igate
Gate current measurement range and resolution 200 pA -100 µA , 25 pA resolution
Voltage measurement time base 1 µs
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