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MicReD Product Suite


Unique combined thermal and optical test, measurement and characterization of Light-Emitting Diode (LED) components and Solid State Lighting (SSL) arrays

Options & Accessories

Optional LED Add-on Booster

TeraLED can be used in combination with the LED booster from the T3Ster Booster family. This way multi-chip LEDs with a forward voltage beyond the 6V limit of T3Ster can also be characterized with the T3Ster + TeraLED combination.

Choice of Sphere Sizes

A selection of 30 cm and 50 cm diameter integrating spheres is offered to host one of our temperature controlled DUT holder fixture solutions, a temperature stabilized reference LED and detector system with different filters which include equispectral, V(λ), V'(λ), Xshort, Xlong and Z. The detector with photometric filter is matched to the CIE V(λ) function with 1.5% accuracy (f1' error). The selection of our temperature controlled DUT holders ranges from a Peltier-based cold-plate with 10W heat-sinking capability up to a liquid cooled version with 12cm internal diameter and 50W of heat-sinking capability.

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