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Automating Semiconductor Package Thermal Characterization and Design



FloTHERM IC, a web-based tool, was designed by thermal experts specifically with the needs of the semiconductor designer in mind. With no additional software required, semiconductors can be designed "on the fly" without sacrificing package design. Designers can explore what-ifs on high-level package features through their impact on Theta metrics.

FloTHERM IC incorporates a high level of automation for key tasks related to semiconductor thermal characterization and design.

The typical semiconductor thermal group spends 60% of engineering time on characterization and 40% on customer-specific applications. FloTHERM IC has been proven to reduce time spent on these two activities by 50% and 10%, respectively.

What You Will Learn

The following topics will be covered:

  • Integrate all characterization activities under one hood
  • Allow for rapid package-aware what-ifs
  • Allow mining of previous simulations data to optimize starting point of new design
  • Link closely with industry EDA tools
  • Keep pace with the evolving market of semiconductor packaging

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Ian Clark

Ian Clark is by qualification a Meteorologist and has been heavily involved in CFD and electronics cooling since the mid 1980's. Firstly at CHAM and CHAM NA as a consultant, support engineer and US customer services manager, a slight detour assisting in the development of a CFD team at Mott MacDonald and back into electronics cooling after joining Flomerics in 1991. Ian has progressed from consultancy work, training, managing customer services in the USA and the UK - and even sales for two years in Silicon Valley - to his current role as a Product Marketing Manager in the Mechanical Analysis Division. For the last 15 years, he has been actively engaged with the onward development of our electronics cooling product lines and current responsibilities are primarily focussed on looking after our future generation product developments, encompassing the best of FloTHERM and FloEFD.

Who Should View

  • Existing FloTHERM and MicReD Users
  • Semiconductor Designers and Engineers
  • Package Designers and Engineers
  • Thermal Designers and Engineers

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