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FloEFD LED Spotlight Demonstration


Product Demo: Learn how FloEFD can be used to simulate an LED spotlight module with forced convection.  14:45

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FloTHERM XT Across the Design Flow


Product Demo: Learn how FloTHERM XT draws together the EDA and MCAD design flows, resulting in a cleaner, symbiotic design process and allowing the latest data to be shared easily and efficiently between relevant team... 06:06

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FloTHERM’s new interface to Xpedition PCB


Product Demo: FloTHERM's new interface to Xpedition PCB has completely removed the data transfer barrier that once was in place between these two tools. Installation of the FloTHERM Xpedition add-in enables the user... 06:51

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FloTHERM IC Demonstration – Online Software Solution for IC Model Characterization Design


Product Demo: Watch this 20-minute demonstration of a new web-based tool. This video will walk you through the basics on how to get started with FloTHERM IC and highlights the features that you will be able to use to... 19:36

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How to Analyze a Mechanical Office Ventilation System using CFD


Product Demo: See how FloVENT software can help you optimize your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications. This demo will show you how to prepare a model of an office for analysis, analyze it,... 27:36

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The Virtual Data Center


Product Demo: See how you can use FloVENT to build a virtual data center representing the physical room in just a few minutes. 01:12

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FloEFD Demonstration: Turbocharger


Product Demo: Turbocharger 14:47

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FloEFD Demonstration: Ball Valve Simulation


Product Demo: Ball Valve Simulation 12:09

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FloEFD Demonstration: Cold Plate Simulation


Product Demo: Cold Plate Simulation 15:38

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FloEFD Demonstration: Automotive Intake Manifold


Product Demo: Pressure Drop Analysis of a Automotive Intake Manifold: This demonstration shows how to perform an internal flow distribution analysis through an intake manifold and to measure pressure drop across the... 10:49

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FloEFD Gas Turbine Combustor Demo


Product Demo: This web demo shows how to set up a simple gas turbine combustor within FloEFD. The web demo describes the geometry of the model, and the boundary conditions needed for the simulation, e.g. the inlet temperature,... 49:42

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FloEFD for HVAC Applications


Product Demo: This web demo shows how to use FloEFD for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Applications. 12:10

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