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FloEFD LED Spotlight Demonstration


Product Demo: Learn how FloEFD can be used to simulate an LED spotlight module with forced convection.  14:45

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FloTHERM XT Across the Design Flow


Product Demo: Learn how FloTHERM XT draws together the EDA and MCAD design flows, resulting in a cleaner, symbiotic design process and allowing the latest data to be shared easily and efficiently between relevant team... 06:06

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Introduction to Thermal Simulation of Electronics


On-demand Web Seminar: An introduction to why Thermal Analysis is so important in the design of Electronic Products, and why CFD is used in the design process to save time and money. 17:48

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Vehicle Thermal Management System Performance Modeling with System Level Fluid Simulation


On-demand Web Seminar: Predicting vehicle thermal management fluid systems performance - 1D system level fluid simulation methods for component selection and transient operational analysis. 22:08

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Hand-Tied to Profitability - Conducting CFD During Product Development in a Tough Economy


On-demand Web Seminar: Computational Fluid Dynamics is at a crossroads where it is more readily adopted yet is not a disruptive risk. Join us for this webinar as Chad Jackson talks about this new opportunity to change the equation... 22:40

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The Challenges of Virtual Analysis Tool Adoption


Technology Overview: This presentation is a keynote session from IESF 2012: "The Challenges of Virtual Analysis Tool Adoption in the Automotive Industry". It is presented by Dr. Mircea Gradu, Vice President, Powertrain... 31:33

Tags: IESF

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The Challenges of Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Cooling and 1D Thermo-Fluid Solution to System Design


Technology Overview: This presentation sets out to demonstrate how the Flowmaster V7 thermo-fluid simulation tool can be applied to the increasingly important challenge of modeling of battery cooling systems for Hybrid Electric... 30:52

Tags: IESF

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Thermal Simulation for the Design of Automotive Multimedia Systems


Technology Overview: Modern radio and navigation systems, i.e. multimedia systems, for automotive applications are highly complex systems with a large variety of mechanical and electrical components, modules and assemblies,... 32:04

Tags: Electronic Thermal Design, IESF

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FloEFD for NX - Concurrent CFD for Siemens NX Design Engineers and Analysts


On-demand Web Seminar: Demonstration how users of Siemens NX MCAD software can benefit from the addition of Mentor Graphics’ FloEFD for NX concurrent CFD software into their everyday workflow. 1:06:56

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Simulating and Optimizing Reaction Forces in Product Design using CFD


On-demand Web Seminar: This complimentary web seminar will focus on how concurrent CFD can be used to predict the working performance of a potential pre-manufactured product. By using CFD that is fully embedded in CAD, early... 33:43

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Simulating and Optimizing Flow Fields in Product Design using CFD


On-demand Web Seminar: This complimentary web seminar and demonstration will focus on how Mentor Graphics MCAD embedded concurrent CFD software FloEFD is used to visualize flow fields in and around complex objects. 34:49

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Simulating and Optimizing Mixing Processes in Product Design using CFD


On-demand Web Seminar: During this presentation we will discuss the challenges vehicle manufactures face when designing manifolds for engines. 50:08

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Showing: 37-48 of 121
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