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Cooling Electronics with CFD


On-demand Web Seminar: See why electronics cooling CFD is different, how it has evolved and where it is going.  32:01

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Get the Best Value from Your 1D Thermo-fluid Design Simulations


On-demand Web Seminar: Need to maximize the comfort of occupants while trying to comply with increasingly strict regulations? Spending too much time maximizing the efficiency of a cooling system? See how Flowmaster and Optimus... 58:43

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Effects of Power Cycling Tests on Power Electronics Components


On-demand Web Seminar: Learn how to use the combination of power cycling testing and thermal transient measurement to understand power module reliability. 23:02

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Cooling of a Wind Power Station IGBT


On-demand Web Seminar: After an introduction of the frequency converter for this specific application, 3D FloEFD thermal calculations of the IGBT-Transistor modules will be presented and compared with test results. 25:52

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FloTHERM v10.1 New Features Presentation


On-demand Web Seminar: The new features available in FloTHERM v10.1 will be presented and demonstrated. 35:59

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Response Surface Models in Flowmaster


On-demand Web Seminar: Demonstration of how to generate robust, portable and accurate response surface models with Flowmaster. 24:19

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CAD to CAE: Best Practice for Data Transfer


On-demand Web Seminar: Understand some of the issues related to 3D data transfer and how these can be mitigated with next generation analysis software. 23:08

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Evaluation of Control Set Points for Dual Use Heater Core and Active Grille Shutter (AGS) Systems Using 1D CFD Vehicle Thermal Modeling


On-demand Web Seminar: This webinar, presented by Computational Sciences Expert Group (CSEG), addresses thermal vehicle management issues and fuel economy implications using 1D CFD simulation - focusing on evaluation of control... 20:36

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Vehicle Battery Pack Cooling - Upfront Design Studies Using CAD Embedded CFD


On-demand Web Seminar: Using CAD Embedded CFD, FloEFD for NX, this web seminar details simulation cooling studies on an air-cooled battery pack during vehicle development. 30:27

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The Modern Picture of Simulation Driven Design: Findings from the 2013 Study


On-demand Web Seminar: This webinar provides an up to date picture of the state of simulation driven design by sharing findings from a 2013 study.  24:22

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Workflow Automation with FloTHERM v10.0


On-demand Web Seminar: Learn how to automate aspects of your thermal design with FloTHERM v10.0 to increase productivity and shorten the thermal design process. 25:56

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FloTHERM V10.0 - What's New


On-demand Web Seminar: Learn about the new developments that have made FloTHERM V10.0 an exciting new release. 24:02

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