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The Use of CFD in Car Park and Office Ventilation


On-demand Web Seminar: The design of ventilation systems for use in car parks is an increasingly important topic requiring strict adherence to building codes and regulations. This presentation discusses the CFD analysis of various... 29:00

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T3Ster Validation of Thermal Models of IC Packages and More


On-demand Web Seminar: Learn how Thermal Transient Tester (T3Ster) equipment can be used to generate Compact Thermal Models (CTMs) for use in thermal design to improve junction temperature prediction. 57:00

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CAD-Integrated CFD for use in electronics cooling.


Product Demo: During this product demo we will discuss the ease with which you can solve electronics cooling problems. To illustrate this point, we will conduct analysis on an electronics box with complex, curved geometry. 14:20

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Export FloEFD Results to Pro/MECHANICA


Product Demo: This web demo shows how to export FloEFD results to Pro/MECHANICA. 3:09

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Product Demo: This web demo shows the use of the FloEFD program for Pro/ENGINEER 10:59

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FloEFD V5 Demo


Product Demo: This web demo shows FloEFD V5. 10:57

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Boeing 757 Air Flow Analysis using FloEFD


On-demand Web Seminar: This web seminar demonstrates the unique capabilities of FloEFD, Mentor Graphics' stand-alone, CAD-integrated computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. The web seminar will highlight key technologies... 46:31

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Thermal Simulation Using FloTHERM CFD Software -- A System Integrator's View


On-demand Web Seminar: An overview of using FloTHERM thermal simulation software in various conditions and utilizing its IDF Library Link functionality. 12:00

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Using Command Center to Design


Product Demo: Command Center is the engine at the heart of FloTherm's parametric power. In this presentation you will learn how to leverage the power of Command Center to increase the data you can extract from your... 32:30

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Mesh Technologies for CFD - Pros & Cons


On-demand Web Seminar: Cleaning up CAD geometry to create a surface mesh, creating and finally smoothing the volume mesh can be the most time consuming steps in the entire simulation process. The final mesh quality also has an... 48:45

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The Thermal World According to the JEDEC JC15 Committee


On-demand Web Seminar: The discussion of standards work in thermal simulation will focus on the effort in Compact Thermal Models (CTMs). Among the areas of concern here are: Methodology for generating and validating CTMs file... 54:22

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An Investigation into UAV Avionics Cooling Using FloEFD


On-demand Web Seminar: See how FloEFD can be used to analyze avionics cooling for UAVs. We will also talk briefly about the use of Flowmaster for avionics cooling. 16:05

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Showing: 97-108 of 121
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