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CFD in the Data Center: It’s Not About the Hall



This webinar shows how leading data center designers are using FloVENT air flow modeling software to rapidly develop airflow models not only of the data hall but also of the sub-systems that allow the data center to operate efficiently and reliably.

The high density of equipment in modern data halls means designers have to be sure that precious cooling air is getting where it is needed, even when parts of the cooling system are down. This is the perfect job for airflow modeling software that allows a designer or architect to rapidly test and re-test a computer room cooling design.

What You Will Learn

  • How CFD models of data centers are developed
  • Use of CFD in data center simulation
  • Modeling data halls

About the Presenter

Karl Else

Karl is the head of the Building Physics Division of hurleypalmerflatt, a multi-disciplinary engineering and sustainability business with an expertise in data center design and innovation.

Karl has 18 years of experience as a CFD practitioner in engineering consultancy businesses using a range of CFD codes. His experience includes applying CFD to fire and smoke, industrial ventilation, condenser modeling, and most recently to data centers for financial institutions.

Who Should View

  • Facilities managers
  • Data center operators
  • HVAC consultants
  • HVAC engineers involved in data center operation

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