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Mesh Technologies for CFD - Pros & Cons



This web seminar discusses one of the most important yet vexing topics in CFD – meshing. Cleaning up CAD geometry to create a surface mesh, creating and finally smoothing the volume mesh can be the most time consuming steps in the entire simulation process. The final mesh quality also has an impact on the solution time, achievable level of convergence and resulting solution quality.

The seminar recaps the need for a computational mesh and reviews the basic choices available. Factors affecting the choice of grid system such as cell shape, geometry representation, mesh structure, and grid generation are discussed in turn. A number of examples are presented, finishing with an overview of Rectangular Adaptive Meshing.

DURATION: 48 minutes

What You Will Learn

  • The need for a computational mesh in CFD
  • The choices of grid system and their pros and cons
  • How mesh quality affects result quality and convergence
  • Recent developments in meshing technology

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Dr. John Parry, CEng.

John Parry joined Mentor Graphics’ Mechanical Analysis Division (formerly Flomerics) in 1989 as the head of the Customer Services department. After four years, John moved to the Research department and he has been managing the division’s research activities since 1997.

Having published many technical papers over the years, John’s technical contributions include the development of compact thermal models for fans, heat sinks and chip packages. He is also a subject-matter expert in the application of Design of Experiment and optimisation techniques.

John serves on several conference committees. He was the General Chair of SEMI-THERM 21 and currently represents the Mechanical Analysis Division in the JEDEC committee on thermal standards.

Who Should View

  • Mechanical Design Engineers
  • CFD Practitioners
  • Managers concerned with the creation of CFD models
  • Others who want to know more about mesh generation for CFD

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