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FloEFD Version 12 - Insight into the new LED Module

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With the new LED module you can now simulate a light emitting diode (LED) component as a compact package based on either a simple two-resistor model or an advanced detailed model. The detailed model includes a unique solution to the challenge of designing solid state lighting and allows thermal and radiometric models of LEDs obtained from T3Ster and TeraLED to be used in FloEFD and driven at constant current. The model correctly account for power that is emitted as light when calculating the heat dissipation in the LED, with the temperature, power consumption and light output (hot lumens) all predicted by FloEFD. A starter pack of LED models is provided as part of the module, which also includes the ability to account for absorption of radiation in semi-transparent solids such as a lens in front of the LED, and ability to simulate a PCB as a compact model with biaxial thermal conductivity.

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