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Simulating and Optimizing Mixing Processes in Product Design using CFD



Some of the challenges inherent with manifold systems are high temperatures and the uniform mixing of two gases. These issues will be analyzed simultaneously through simulation using Mentor Graphics' CFD analysis software for mechanical engineers FloEFD. The presenter will show that expensive prototypes, test equipment and time to market can all be reduced dramatically with the early implementation of embedded CFD software into a users existing MCAD system. In addition to the speed at which the designer can complete the design, the ultimate product will be less expensive while maintaining optimal performance.

To illustrate this, the presenter will demonstrate how easy it is to prepare a product design for analysis, analyze it and then evaluate the detailed results, The presenter will then go on to show you how to perform "what-if" analysis by simply modifying the MCAD geometry and viewing the simulation results for the new model.

The overall goal is to help you design better quality products with fewer reliability problems quicker than ever before, helping you and your team to reduce costs and improve return on investment.

What You Will Learn

  • How CFD software can help you improve your existing equipment design processes
  • How to quickly perform analysis using FloEFD’s built-in wizards
  • Visualize the mixing process in a virtual 3D environment
  • Obtain a better understanding of the impact of design changes and how it can affect the mixing of fluids/gases
  • How you can analyze ‘what if’ designs before prototype build in the upfront stage
  • How easy it is to provide detailed Microsoft Word and Excel reports to your design and management teams

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Joe Proulx

Joe Proulx has worked for Mentor Graphics Mechanical Analysis, formerly Flomerics, as a consultant engineer since July 2005 and is currently an application engineer. He also participates in training, customer support and consulting.

Joe's prior employment was with Sycamore Networks where he was responsible for all aspects of designing the cooling of the company's products. Along with the use of thermal simulation software, Joe was able work in a thermal lab complete with a thermal imaging camera, wind tunnel, multiple hot wire anemometers, thermocouples and other ubiquitous lab equipment.

Before that, Joe was employed by Degree Controls as thermal consultant. Degree Controls is a complete thermal solutions provider. Joe was responsible for handling customer's thermal needs from computational thermal analysis to physical flow and temperature measurement.

Prior to his position at Degree Controls, Joe was employed by Cabletron Systems in Rochester, NH. While there, Joe worked as a thermal analyst utilizing FloTherm and a complete thermal lab.

Joe graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering.

Who Should View

  • CFD software users involved in product design and analysis
  • MCAD Design Engineers
  • CFD Consultants
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Users
  • Product Design Managers
  • Engineers who are currently using MCAD and are interested in a CAD-embedded analysis solution

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