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An Investigation into UAV Avionics Cooling Using FloEFD



This webinar illustrates how Concurrent CFD technology can be used to investigate avionics cooling on-board a UAV helicopter. First, combined external and internal flow calculations are run to determine how the speed and pitch of the aircraft impact upon cooling system performance. Next, the avionics bay is modeled in detail to investigate alternative cooling duct designs. Finally, a zoom-in analysis is performed to predict junction temperatures for discrete electronics devices.

The entire study is performed using a single CAD model, directly in the CAD environment with no CAD translation.

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Matt Milne

Matt joined Mentor Graphics in November 2008 as an Application Engineer, based in Hampton Court, London.

Prior to that Matt spent 10 years at QinetiQ, Farnborough working in applied aerodynamics where he was involved in research on a variety of civil and military projects. In addition to extensive experience of CFD, he also has experience of design optimisation methods and experimental wind-tunnel testing.

Matt graduated in 1998 from City University with an MEng in Aeronautical Engineering and in 2007 obtained Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society status.

Who Should View

  • Design Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Product Design Managers
  • Engineers who are interested in a CAD-embedded analysis solution

What You Will Learn

  • How FloEFD can be used to investigate several different aspects of combined thermal and airflow problem
  • How FloEFD can be used to analyze multiple design variants of a single CAD model with no CAD translation required
  • How to perform a zoom-in analysis using FloEFD to rapidly investigate detailed aspects of the design problem
  • How FloEFD's built-in electronics cooling design elements can be used in the analysis of avionics components

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