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The Thermal World According to the JEDEC JC15 Committee



The JEDEC JC15 Thermal Standards Committee is pursuing roadmaps for both thermal testing and thermal simulation. In the testing area, this presentation discusses the "classical" JEDEC test metrics, methods of measurement, and their proper use in thermal characterization. The discussion of standards work in thermal simulation focuses on the effort in Compact Thermal Models (CTMs).

Among the areas of concern here are:

  • the methodology for generating and validating CTMs,
  • the file exchange format for importing the model into system-level tools, and
  • supporting a migration path to assist the industry transition from a test-driven to a simulation-driven approach to thermal characterization.

What You Will Learn

  • The history and background of current thermal metrics
  • Experimental details of current JEDEC thermal standards
  • The work of the JEDEC JC15 committee and the status of its current activities
  • Details of 2-Resistor and DELPHI Compact Thermal Model methodologies

About the Presenter

Bruce Guenin

Bruce Guenin is Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems and previously Director of Thermal Characterization at Amkor. Bruce is Chairman of JEDEC JC15 committee.

Who Should View

  • Mechanical and Thermal designers using thermal metrics in hand calculations
  • Mechanical and Thermal designers using Compact Thermal Models in electronics cooling software
  • Managers wishing to understand the state-of-the-art in thermal design and data available

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