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Workflow Automation with FloTHERM v10.0



This webinar will explain the various methods available in FloTHERM v10.0 to completely automate aspects of the thermal design workflow.  Worked examples using FloSCRIPT playback and FloXML creation with command line solve and post-processing will be presented and explained.  By understanding and applying these technologies to your thermal design workflow bottlenecks, you can quickly demonstrate an increase in productivity with FloTHERM and a significant reduction in engineering time and cost to perform many design tasks.

What You Will Learn

  • What technologies and features are available for task automation in FloTHERM v10.0
  • How the FloSCRIPT playback feature (new in FloTHERM v10.0) can automate model creation and model editing tasks
  • How FloXML is used with command line functionality to automate model creation, solving and post-processing
  • What content and examples are provided with FloTHERM v10.0 to minimize the time and resources required to implement automation techniques in your organization for your thermal design workflow
  • Become more productive with FloTHERM
  • Bring cost savings and a shortened thermal design cycle to your organization
  • Eliminate thermal modeling bottlenecks with automation techniques

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Byron Blackmore

Product Manager – Electronics Cooling
Mentor Graphics, Mechanical Analysis Division

Byron Blackmore is currently the Product Manager for FloTHERM PCB. Byron has been with Flomerics/Mechanical Analysis Division for 9 years, and has previously acted as the Electronics Cooling Engineering Supervisor for North America. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Nova Scotia and an MS in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in fluid dynamics and heat transfer from the University of Alberta.

Who Should View

  • Thermal/Mechanical Engineering Managers
  • FloTHERM Users
  • Thermal Engineers

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