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Flomerics FloEFD.Pro Now Fully Supports Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica

EFD2MECHANICA transfers EFD thermal data to Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica for structural analysis

February 2007

Flomerics Ltd. has announced that FloEFD.Pro, its popular Engineering Fluid Dynamics (EFD) analysis software, now supports Wildfire 3 as well as an integrated interface with Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica for structural analysis. FloEFD.Pro which is embedded in Pro/ENGINEER is used by best-in-class manufacturers to design and optimize products within aerospace, automotive, HVAC, valves, medical device as well as fire protection industries. "Although engineers can rapidly analyze concepts with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, they often do not have the accurate loads to apply to the FE model" said Ivo Weinhold, line of business manager, mechanical CFD. "These loads in most cases are due to complex thermal or fluid flow phenomena which the engineer either does not have or receives very late in the design process. Now, Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica users can use FloEFD.Pro to accurately investigate stresses and deformations due to flow and heat transfer induced loads at the push of a button."

To help engineers solve problems involving both fluid and structural issues, FloEFD.Pro results can be applied as loads for structural analysis inside Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica, the popular stress analysis program by PTC. The automated interface, EFD2MECHANICA, significantly reduces the amount of time necessary for preparing analysis models and enables the user to calculate structural damages due to thermal loads. It should be noted that FloEFD.Pro further complements current Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica thermal analysis capabilities with advanced analyses such as radiation.

In addition, FloEFD.Pro also supports Wildfire 3 to enable users to take full advantage of the new capabilities offered by this latest release. Therefore, users can use the most up-to-date version of Pro/ENGINEER alongside FloEFD.Pro.

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