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Galileo Avionica Standardizes on Thermal Simulation Software from Flomerics

November 2005

Galileo Avionica has selected FloTHERM and Flo/PCB software from Flomerics as its standard thermal modeling software across all of its seven design centers and five business units. "Our evaluation showed that FloTHERM and FloTHERM.PCB thermal simulation software can save time in modeling while integrating the design process to a higher degree than other tools," said Fabio Vitale, Manager of Galileo Avionica's Design Centers Project. "This $300,000 order for perpetual licenses is a strong statement of faith in Flomerics' integrated analysis environment for physical design of electronic systems," said Dr. Michael Reynell, Director of Marketing for Flomerics Inc.

Galileo Avionica originally began using FloTHERM software at its Rome design center several years ago. "We were very impressed with FloTHERM, particularly its ability to create compact models by simply describing the characteristics of an integrated circuit, PCB, fan, or other component," said Rino Stornaiuolo, Mechanical Engineer at the Rome Design Center. "We have found that these compact models provide very accurate temperature predictions when they are integrated into an electronic system while saving the time that would otherwise be required to model the detailed geometry of the component or subassembly."

From its initial implementation, the software spread to two of the company's other design centers as awareness of the power of thermal simulation grew. The other design centers adopted different thermal analysis tools. Recently, engineering managers took note of the efficiencies that could be achieved by standardizing on a single thermal simulation software package. They determined that engineers within the different design centers would be able to exchange models with one another and that engineers could transfer from one center to another without learning new software.

"We polled the power users of the different thermal simulation software packages and discovered that the FloTHERM users provided a higher evaluation of their software than the users of other packages," Vitale said. "They spoke highly of the ease of modeling complicated systems, the accuracy of the thermal results, and the ability to integrate with other design tools." The company negotiated a company-wide license with Flomerics and also made the decision to adopt Flomerics Flo/PCB software to provide thermal modeling of circuit boards during the early design phase. "Flo/PCB makes it possible to consider cooling management of new board designs from the earliest phases of the design process," Stornaiuolo said. "We can generate the thermal analysis directly from the functional block diagram long before the board is even placed and routed."

Galileo Avionica's avionics systems and radars play a leading role in major international airborne military platform, including Eurofighter Typhoon, EH101, NH90 and Tornado. Wholly owned by Finmeccanica, Galileo Avionica operates through five business units specializing in Avionics Systems and Equipments, Space and Electro-optics, Radar Systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Simulators.

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