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IC Package Thermal Characterization Made Easy

FloTHERM® IC is a new web-based tool from Mentor Graphics that incorporates a high level of automation for key tasks related to semiconductor thermal characterization and design.

Developed with the needs of design engineers and thermal specialists alike, FloTHERM IC offers the ease-of-use of Smartpart technology combined with the power of FloTHERM to greatly boost productivity of thermal analysis in the semiconductor industry – immediately and on the user's desktop. An intuitive wizard-driven user interface, interoperability with package-level EDA tools, and enterprise-level data scalability and portability are other key features of FloTHERM IC.

Features and Benefits

Results Visualization

FloTHERM IC allows the export of all metrics data as Excel-compatible CSV files. Detailed and Compact models can be exported into FloTHERM or FloTHERM® PCB. Vector plots, fill plots and animations of results can be generated using the Standalone Visual Editor module included with a FloTHERM IC license.

Part Definition

A wide selection of tools consisting of support of more than 40 package families or an intelligent wizard that assists in selecting the appropriate package family allow the user to quickly and easily create the design of interest.

Automated Generation of JEDEC Thermal Metrics

Take advantage of wizard-driven software to automatically generate a complete set of JEDEC thermal data metrics for a single package or multiple packages in batch or standard and user-defined test PCBs.

Automated Compact Thermal Model Creation

Support of two-resistor (2-R) and DELPHI compact thermal models for single or multiple packages is included in FloTHERM IC.

Searchable Database and Libraries

Use the comprehensive results database to select the optimal starting point for a new package design from your previous solutions.

Package constituents such as die, die attach, die attach pad, substrate, leadframe, lid, etc, can be stored as separate library items, thus greatly speeding new package creation.

The range of supported packages is continuously updated to capture rapid advances in packaging technology, (e.g. System-in-Package (SiP) and stacked die).

Sensitivity Analysis Capability

Investigate the influence of key package parameters such as die size, power, die attach conductivity, lead pitch etc. on any JEDEC metric or compact model in just a few mouse clicks.

System Requirements


  • Windows operating system (XP, Vista or Windows 7)
  • Internet Explorer 6 or above
  • VRML Client (Cortana3D is recommended)

Supported FloTHERM Versions for PDML/PACK import

  • FloTHERM V7.2 / FloVIZ V7.2
  • FloTHERM V8.2.1 / FloVIZ V8.2.1


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