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Automated simulation-based IC package thermal characterisation

FloTHERM® PACK is a unique Web-based solution from Mentor Graphics Mechanical Analysis designed to generate reliable, accurate thermal models of IC components, test boards, standard test harnesses and other associated parts with the minimum of effort. FloTHERM PACK generates accurate models 100X faster than conventional approaches.

Features and Benefits

Generate Fast, Accurate Thermal Models

FloTHERM PACK is at the leading edge of emerging industry standards such as DELPHI. DELPHI compact modeling standards are being currently adopted by the industry standards body JEDEC. FloTHERM PACK is the only commercial software tool in the market that can actually generate DELPHI compact models!


  • Predict junction and case temperatures of IC components accurately in your designs
  • Generate thermal models 100X faster than conventional approaches
  • Generate state-of-the-art detailed and compact models of IC components
  • Share and archive thermal libraries within your organization using our unique workgroup features
  • Communicate thermal information to your external vendors or customers in a standardized manner

Did you know?

  • 70% of FloTHERM PACK users are system integrators trying to get a head start in predicting component performance in their system or board designs?
  • FloTHERM PACK is the only commercial software tool that can actually generate high-accuracy DELPHI compact models?
  • FloTHERM PACK's scheduled release cycles are as frequent as 16 weeks, and response to urgent customer requests for new added features could be just a few weeks or less.

Network Assembly support

FloTHERM PACK now supports two-resistor and Delphi compact thermal models in the more advanced Network Assembly format in FLOTHERM

Enhanced package families

TO247 package is now supported, as are Delphi compact thermal models for SOT23 package. Flip-chip PBGA now supports the glob-top option.

CSV support for solder ball arrays

Solder ball arrays can now be defined in CSV format and uploaded for all BGA packages.

VRML Browser

A VRML browser or plug-in for your Web browser is required to preview models. FloTHERM PACK uses VRML Level 1. You can find a list of suitable browsers and plug-ins at the web 3D Consortium's website.

“We believe that it’s critical to perform a careful thermal analysis at the beginning of every new design. We have successfully used FloTHERM software as our thermal simulation tool for many years. The combination of FloTHERM and FloTHERM PACK enable us to quickly explore design variations and find the optimum solution at both the system and PCB levels.”

Pavel Valenta, Hardware Engineering, Alcatel

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