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Success Stories

Customer Spotlight

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

Creating and Solving CFD and FEA models

Thermal and stress simulations help AMD avoid costly delays and reduce the development time of their new microprocessor. View Success Story

AEG Design Tools

AEG Design Cool Power Tools Faster using Flow Simulation

The power tool manufacturer creates more efficient engine designs in far less time with FloEFD™ computational fluid dynamics software. View Success Story

Lend Lease Projects

FloVENT simulations focused on ways to control the airflow and increase local air temperature near the entrance to solve the cold air problem. View Success Story


Alcatel Solves Thermal Issues Early with FloTHERM View Success Story

Applied Micro Circuits Corporation

Thermal Simulation Reduces IC Cost by Comparing Flip-Chip/Wire Bond Thermal Performance

AMCC’s new integrated circuit achieves the highest performance to price ratio of any product in its class thanks to FloTHERM® thermal simulation software. View Success Story


At AVL GmbH, numerical simulation with Flowmaster has helped engineers to accelerate the layout phase, improve quality, and increase transparency and understanding of relations and dependencies in their... View Success Story


FloEFD allows the computer provider to streamline development and produce only one thermal prototype. View Success Story


Bronswerk Heat Transfer BV Develops Groundbreaking Air-Cooled Coolers

Bronswerk’s air-cooled coolers are used as process coolers in the oil and gas as well as chemical industries. Their fans range from 2 to 10 meters in diameter and cool heat exchangers which are also... View Success Story

CAE & Cooling Systems

C&C Analyze Wind Loading on RADAR Installations with FloEFD

C&C utilizes FloEFD to simulate the performance and strength of a servo/antenna system under windy conditions. View Success Story


CamSemi Turns to Mentor Graphics FloTHERM to Find Unseen Thermal Bottlenecks

New Thermal Analysis Methods Keep IC Project on Track. CamSemi relied on innovative new features in FloTHERM 9 to dramatically speed and simplify the job of optimizing heat dissipation in their management... View Success Story

VENTREX Automotive GmbH

CATIA V5-Embedded CFD Helps Save Four Months in Design of Automotive Valve

CATIA V5-Embedded CFD allowed VENTREX Automotive to meet the new design requirements without having to build a new prototype with every design change. View Success Story

Chiron Corporation

PCB Thermal Simulation - The State of the Art

Chiron engineers used FloVENT in addressing the effect of HEPA filter layout and exhaust grille layout on minimizing upward flow in their vial filling room. View Success Story

Elma Electronic

A telecom equipment chassis beats competitors to market thanks to FloTHERM thermal simulations. View Success Story

Watts Industries

Watts Industries logo

FloEFDPro Helps Watts Industries Netherlands Reduce Design Time View Success Story

FloTHERM and T3Ster Help Imbera Develop New Integrated Module Board (IMB) Technology

Imbera Electronics Oy has developed a novel Integrated Module Board (IMB) technology which integrates active components into electronic modules and high density printed circuit boards. IMB process combines... View Success Story


FloTHERM Helps Tecnobit Ensure Reliability of Avionics Equipment

Tecnobit engineers use FloTHERM to perform steady state and transient thermo-fluid simulations and predict system thermal behaviour before building expensive prototypes. View Success Story

Boll & Kirch Filterbau

Flowing Success at Boll and Kirch Filterbau

The engine filter manufacturer chose FloEFD flow simulation software due to its ease-of-use, speed, and precise results. View Success Story

Sturman Industries

Floworks Helps Sturman Industries Bring Space Technology Down to Earth

Sturman design engineers refine their high-speed, energy efficient valve designs quickly and easily with FloWorks fluid analysis software. View Success Story

EFD for Education Initiative

Since Flomerics announced it’s EFD for Education Initiative a year ago there has been a four-fold increase in the number of sites using its popular Engineering Fluid Dynamics (EFD) software for teaching... View Success Story


The spray gun manufacturer uses FloEFD in their CAD environment to cut development time by 66%. View Success Story


FloTHERM thermal analysis software helps reduce the design time and cost of HP’s new blade servers. View Success Story

Imbera Electronics

FloTHERM and T3Ster Help Imbera Develop New Integrated Module Board (IMB) Technology

Imbera Electronics Oy has developed a novel Integrated Module Board (IMB) technology which integrates active components into electronic modules and high density printed circuit boards. IMB process combines... View Success Story

Integrated Device Technology (IDT)

IDT is simulating new packaging configuration with FloTHERM software from the Mentor Graphics Corp. Mechanical Analysis Division View Success Story


The semiconductor designer and manufacturer uses FloTHERM to turn thermal performance into a competitive advantage. View Success Story

Bronswerk Heat Transfer BV

Using FloEFD, engineers at Bronswerk Heat Transfer BV were able to make a breakthrough in the design of their powerful cooling fan systems needed to chill the gas or oil as it emerges from the well heads. View Success Story

Hansen Transmissions

The visibility offered by Flowmaster has given the engineers at Hansen Transmission an in-depth understanding of how their entire lubrication system behaves and helped to further increase robustness of... View Success Story


JAZO logo

JAZO Cuts Design Time From 3 Weeks to 1 Day With FloEFD Pro View Success Story

KlingStubbins - Clean Room

Kling Optimizes Air Distribution in Laboratory

FloVENT® helps the biopharmaceutical company design the optimal air distribution system for its sophisticated laboratory prior to renovation. View Success Story

KlingStubbins - Data Center

FloVENT helps the firm create a more energy efficient server rack cabinet for their clients’ data centers. View Success Story

Laird Technologies

Laird Technologies uses FloTHERM® thermal simulation software to cut the cost of prototyping. View Success Story


Laser Cutting System from Fico Achieves 40x Performance Enhancement

Fico, a member of the Besi Group, used FloEFD Pro engineering fluid dynamics analysis software to obtain a 40x performance enhancement in their new laser cutting system. View Success Story


MARENCO AG Reduces Extractor Hood Design Time

Marenco uses FloEFD™ engineering fluid dynamics software to design a better and more profitable extractor hood much faster than their competitors. View Success Story

Mestex, Ltd.

Mestex Relies on FloVENT to Guide Innnovative Warehouse HVAC Design

FloVENT helped designers plan cost-saving HVAC solutions for a warehouse storing sensitive pharmaceutical products. View Success Story


Motorola's Handheld Portable Technology - Validating CFD Technology

Accurate prediction of the cooling requirements of new consumer products within as short a time scale as possible is of paramount importance to the success of Motorola. Tom Lee, Ben Chambers and Mali Mahalingam,... View Success Story

NOWarchitecture (Australia)

FloVENT simulates passive systems for ultra-low cost year-round cooling and heating at a Melbourne school. View Success Story

NXP Semiconductors

Developing Thermal Models of Chip Packages Using T3Ster Thermal Transient Tester. View Success Story


WB-Sails is using FloEFD fluid dynamics simulation software to develop and optimize sails for Olympic sailboats

FloEFD CFD software simulates 3D airflow to help WB-Sails predict and optimize sailboat performance for the 2008 Olympics. View Success Story

Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH

T3Ster Thermal Transient Tester Helps Osram Design and Manufacture Better High-Performance Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) View Success Story

Redback Networks

Redback Networks Creat First Million-Subscriber Platform

FloTHERM thermal simulation software helps the network equipment company create the first million-subscriber platform. View Success Story

Schüco International

Simulation Improves Solar Cell Performance

Schuco uses FloTHERM computational fluid dynamics software to design more efficient photovoltaic panels and gain significant competitive advantage. View Success Story

Simclar Group

Thermal Simulation Helps Design New Telecom Platform

Simclar engineers use thermal simulations to design a new telecom platform that exceeds the demands of their customers. View Success Story

CCG Facilities Integration Incorporated

Airflow Simulation Solves Cold Air Problem at Bluewater Winter Garden

CCG Facilities Integration Inc. used FloVENT to optimize the design of Dupont Fabros Technology’s (DFT’s) ACC4 data center in Ashburn, Virginia. View Success Story

IBM Zurich Research Laboratory


IBM Zurich Research Laboratory Improves Data Acquisition and Processing of the Transient Thermal Data with T3Ster View Success Story


Targeted Airflow - FloEFD Used for Flow Simulation at Océ

The printer manufacturer chose FloEFD™ flow simulation software due to its strong support, seamless integration, and exceptional performance. View Success Story

The Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum uses FloVENT to improve ventilation of underground service areas

The Louvre museum in Paris uses FloVENT® airflow simulation software to improve ventilation and keep their staff safe from pollutants. View Success Story


FloTHERM is used to design small, high-power electronic devices where effective cooling helps ensure long component life and reliability. View Success Story


Valeo uses FloTHERM® to quickly and accurately ensure the reliability of an electronic motor control unit governing the speed of an engine-cooling fan. View Success Story

ZT Systems

ZT Systems | Server Soloutions for the Precision-Fit Data Center

ZT Systems uses FloTHERM for optimizing their designs and minimizing the power consumption of their servers. View Success Story

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