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Flowmaster system simulation has become an important part of the AVL GmbH computer-aided engineering (CAE) development and release program. Flowmaster plays a significant role in the company’s iCAE-based concept; and because of its high integration capacity and user-friendly environment, Flowmaster has been a long-standing tool used by AVL engineers for simulation and analysis of their lubrication and coolant circuits.

With Flowmaster, we can work in a highly targeted way, right from the layout phase. We no longer have to make assumptions; but with numerical simulation programs, we can determine realistic input data for the layout of water pumps and cooling systems based on project-specific characteristics and empirical values from our validated CAE database.”

Andreas Ennemoser, manager CFD analysis at AVL in Graz


The Need to Comprehensively and Efficiently Analyze Optimization of a Design Engineers at AVL have been working with Flowmaster for more than seven years and have in that time built up a comprehensive expertise and extensive knowledge of the capabilities and application of the software. The program is used for many different tasks in all phases of the development process: • Layout of water pumps • Simulation of complete cooling systems • Layout of oil circuits While a great portion of the incoming tasks, for example the layout of components and systems, can be performed with steady-state calculations, about 20% require transient simulation; for example, the simulation of the entire vehicle for the prediction of fuel consumption and optimization for different driving cycles. This is where a systems analysis tool like Flowmaster comes in handy.


Realistic Initial Values Speed Up the Layout Process The layout of the water pump is of critical importance to the dimensions of the entire cooling circuit and also to packaging considerations. Different configurations optimization of the cooling circuit can quickly be simulated and compared in Flowmaster. High Integration Capacity The level of integration of Flowmaster into a heterogeneous simulation environment allows for the prediction of the fuel consumption and pollutant emission. For this task, AVL Cruise acts as the master-program and controls the bi-directionally coupled Flowmaster by providing the boundary conditions and drive cycles on which the thermal simulation of all subsystems is performed. This approach allows the comprehensive and efficient assessment of the effects of different optimization measures on the total system. Operating strategies for the components of the cooling and oil circuit, like regulated thermostats, can then be designed with consideration of their effect on the fuel consumption and emissions.


Increasing Quality and Flexibility while Decreasing Risk The company relies heavily on virtual simulation today, evident in the 300 projects each year that use simulation and calculation programs. Besides AVL-software tools, engineers work with a number of third-party programs including Abaqus, Nastran, and Matlab /Simulink. For the simulation and analysis of complex systems (lubrication and coolant circuits) in their totality, the engineers at AVL rely on Flowmaster.


AVL GmbH is the world’s largest privately owned company developing powertrain systems for internal combustion engines. AVL supports the automotive industry with development across a full spectrum of powertrain systems including diesel engines, electric drives, alternative fuels, control software, transmissions, and batteries. AVL boasts more than 60 years in the industry, enabling them to offer highly creative, mature, and application‐specific solutions for customers to meet their future market challenges.

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