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E-Cooling GmbH

E-Cooling GmbH in Berlin is an engineering consultancy founded by Karim Segond. Their expertise lie in providing 3D thermal and flow analysis, enhancement and development supporting electronics, electric engines, and power electronics. When E-Cooling began working on 20 MW motors it was evident that traditional CFD was not up to the job of meshing their complex geometries.

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The accuracy of FloEFD was always good. It is not easy to measure electric motors that run at very high speeds but FloEFD provided good results when compared to the measurements we received from our customers. FloEFD helped me to work on contracts that involved very complex geometries, such as a stator coil end turn support system, which I wouldn't have been able to do with other CFD software.”

Karim Segond, E-Cooling GmbH

The Problem

Karim undertook the task of finding an approach that could handle complex geometries, wasn't too laborious but still delivered quality results, "The pre-processing with traditional CFD tools is much too slow for the simulation of large complex machines. I decided to look for a better solution that would solve my problems faster. I was specifically looking for software that can mesh such models with a Cartesian mesh and found FloEFD™. "E-Cooling's ethos is to provide detailed, accurate data to their clients at a reasonable cost, therefore the amount of man-hours used to mesh complex geometries is a big factor to consider for Karim.

The Solution

The biggest benefits I got from FloEFD was that it was embedded, I could work within a CAD system and use parametric CAD models. This made it easier to change any geometry and therefore run several

variants very easily. Another point that lifted a heavy burden for me is the automatic meshing, so basically the meshing as I knew it became obsolete and I could spend my time with other things than manually mesh the geometry.

The Results

Karim is supported by his business partner, Guenter Zwarg, for the thermal management of these mega engines; the expertise of Günter covers almost all types of large electrical motors and hydro generators. According to Karim, his customers were always very satisfied with his work and the accuracy of the results has not suffered from the comfort of automatic meshing. Karim is also investigating the thermal management of the power electronics components used to drive such large engines.

Karim says "The cooling of power electronics is very important and should be considered as early as the concept stage of the design. Here CFD can be leveraged to optimize the design and ensure the best possible cooling for the components." Besides simulations of IGBTs E-Cooling has turned their attention to the overall cooling of a system.

Such cooling systems are too big and too complex to simulate with 3D CFD software. Therefore it is necessary to analyze them using a 1D thermal and fluid flow circuit that is modeled in a 1D CFD tool such as Flowmaster®. This combined solution then enables Karim to provide the qualities of both tools and provide the ultimate cooling solution to his customers.

E-Cooling GmbH

E-Cooling GmbH expertise to the electronics industry. We strive to provide our customers with complete solutions, tailored to meet their technical requirements, so that their business goals will be achieved in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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